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The Wing Is Almost Here, and It’s Giving Out Free Cookies and Coffee From a Truck

This is obviously very important

Photographs by Vittoria Elliott.

Say what you will about The Wing, the New York-based all women’s social club: It knows the way to DC’s collective heart is through its stomach.

Ahead of the April 12 opening of its DC branch—or coven, as the marketing material describes it—a millennial pink food truck appeared at lunchtime Friday at Farragut West.

The truck was manned by some of The Wing’s DC staff, like community associate Bee Pollard. She chatted up passers-by while handing out coffee, Milk Bar cookies, Wing-themed swag, and free copies of the club’s inaugural issue of its magazine, No Man’s Land. Pollard, a Prince George’s County native, said that the truck is a way for The Wing to introduce itself to the DC community.

“Some of the people who have come by don’t know what The Wing is, some of them are already members and they’re just excited to come out and see us,” she said. “We are really excited to be out here and get to tell people a bit about who we are.”

So what does the $2,300 or $2,700 annual membership fee buy? Access to the space, which includes a library, a workspace, conference rooms, showers, and “really good wifi,” as well as exclusive panels and networking events (Hillary Clinton was a recent guest in New York).

While The Wing received flak on social media when it announced that its inaugural DC location would be in wealthy and Metrorail-less Georgetown, The Wing food truck will be visiting other parts of the city.

So, if you missed The Wing truck at Farragut West Friday, never fear! It’ll be at Union Market on Saturday and at Dupont Circle on Monday, April 9.

And while The Wing is exclusively for women, we have some good news for the men of DC: the cookies and coffee are free for everyone.

Vittoria Elliott
Editorial Fellow