Water Cycling Is Coming to Rooftop Pools in Capitol Hill and Crystal City

Swimming + spinning + Beyoncé-ified playlist = sign us up.

Water Cycling Is Coming to Rooftop Pools in Capitol Hill and Crystal City
Photo courtesy of Liaison Capitol Hill.

Ah, summer in DC: that special time of year when you’re a sweaty mess by the time you reach the Metro at 8 AM. The last thing you want to do is actually physically exert yourself in 94 percent humidity—just walking at a slow crawl is miserable. Sure, you can keep on top of your fitness routine by hitting an air-conditioned gym or studio, but why not try working out in a rooftop pool to a Beyoncé-ified playlist?

SplashCycle takes cycling and puts it underwater, and this summer it’s partnered with Liaison Capitol Hill and Crystal Square Apartments on a full schedule of classes starting Monday, June 4. Classes are offered six days a week, and you can also reserve a private session for whatever occasion you want to celebrate through exercise followed by poolside cocktails.

Photo courtesy of SplashCycle.

Because you’re in water—which acts as the resistance, rather than adding intensity by turning a knob—you reduce the impact on your joints like knees and ankles, a common complaint seen in those who take cycling classes on land. You also don’t have to deal with blinking away sweat or dealing with a wet ring on the rear of your leggings because you’re in water.

Speaking of leggings, what the heck do you wear? Dress like you would for any pool outing—a bikini, one-piece, board shorts, Speedo, whatever’s comfortable works, as long as it’s meant for swimming. Wear water shoes if you have them (if not, they’re available on-site).

Photo courtesy of SplashCycle.

A single spin is $25, and package pricing can be found here. Liaison Hotel Capitol Hill is located at 415 New Jersey Ave., NW and Crystal Square Apartments is located at 1515 Jefferson Davis Hwy, Arlington.

Kim Olsen

Kim Olsen ([email protected]) is a freelance writer in Alexandria.