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Will DC Grease Poles If the Caps Win? It’s Unclear

Washington Capitals fan Brett Battle rides on the shoulders of Buzz Ganow before the start of Game 4 on Monday, June 4, 2018, in front of Capital One Arena. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)

In February, Philadelphia Eagles fans celebrated their Super Bowl win as if they’d never won one before—because they hadn’t—by climbing every lamp post in sight. In an effort to curtail the madness, Philly’s police department greased down the poles with Crisco, and when that didn’t discourage fans from climbing, officers switched to Bio-Bottle Jack Hydraulic Fluid.

Well, the Capitals haven’t won a Stanley Cup before—if all goes well, it looks like some poles might be a target for the valiant high climbers, decked in red. Is Washington prepared?

We reached out to the planning unit of the DC police department’s Special Operations Division and spoke to Lieutenant Jason Bagshaw, who wouldn’t comment on whether the cops plan to grease the poles.

“We’ll be doing what we’ve done for the past four games—and that’s keeping a strong police presence at the celebrations, keeping things moving,” Bagshaw said. When asked whether he expects any copycats of Philly climbers, Bagshaw said, “No. We’re not expecting a lot of that.”

So, how does one properly climb a non-greased pole? Just ask this guy:

One Caps fan was arrested on Saturday night for climbing a pole after Game 3. He spent two nights in jail and came back for Game 4. Perhaps it’s time to bring out the grease.

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