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Spotted at the Trump Hotel: The MyPillow Guy

Mike Lindell attended Sean Spicer's and Judge Jeanine Pirro's book parties this week.

Walking through the Trump International Hotel on Thursday evening, we saw some not unexpected people: Kellyanne Conway, Sebastian Gorka, and Katrina PiersonBut we also spotted one actual Beltway outsider mixing and mingling among the political elite: Mike Lindell, who you might know better as the MyPillow Guy.

Lindell was at Sean Spicer‘s party for his new book The Briefing, chatting with Trump administration staffers, journalists, and politicians. His invitation wasn’t an accident: the face of all those infomercials has long been a fan of the President. Just this week, Lindell lauded Trump as “the best president” of all time. The pair met in the summer of 2016 in New York to discuss the MyPillow empire. It was there, according to Lindell’s account, that Melania Trump asked for a pair of MyPillows.

The admiration is mutual. In June, Trump gave Lindell a minute-long endorsement during a rally in Fargo.

“I want you to be my ad buyer because I guarantee you he makes great deals,” Trump said of Lindell. “He does make a great product, great pillows,” Trump added.

“I actually use them, believe it or not.”

But it looks like Trump’s properties have yet to follow his suggestions.

According to an employee for the hotel, rooms are stocked with various custom pillows, none of which are of the as-seen-on-TV variety. Instead, guests can look forward to a Stearns & Foster mattress (those do have their fans) and coordinating bed accoutrements.

Lindell was also at the Trump Hotel earlier that week to celebrate Judge Jeanine Pirro‘s new book Liars, Lakers, and Liberals.


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