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August 2022: Taco Town

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Photograph by Scott Suchman

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Is the Government Hiding Evidence About UFOs and Alien Life?

Bassett with a recreation of a famous photo that showed aerial phenomena over the Capitol, also seen by radar operators, in 1952. Photograph courtesy of The Disclosure Wire.

Washington’s “UFO lobbyist” has been on a mission for decades to make the White House and Congress believe. Despite a recent congressional hearing on the topic, he says there’s more work to be done. By Luke Mullins.


Taco Town

Mix Master: Taco Bamba’s tortilla filled with barbecue pork shoulder, slaw, pickled onions, and jalapeños Photograph by Scott Suchman

Our 30 favorite places to satisfy a taco craving, whether birria or Baja-style fish or Big Mac–inspired. Plus, ten new spots—beyond tacos—where you can eat well for less than $25 a person. By Ann Limpert, Anna Spiegel, and Cynthia Hacinli.


In the Swim

Peyton Carter, 8. Langdon Park Pool. Photograph by Chris Buck.

For some DC residents, a public pool is the place to be all summer. We dove into two popular ones—Langdon Park and Banneker—to meet a few regulars. By David Tran. Photographs by Chris Buck.


Recent diners at the counter of Sushi Nakazawa. Photograph by David Andrews.

Raw Emotions: Sushi lovers are flocking to the former Trump hotel. By Jessica Sidman.

Update: DC’s Latino Museum: An update on the National Museum of the American Latino. By Sophia Young.

Courting Trouble: Why antiabortion protests will likely get worse. By Sylvie McNamara.

Fun at the Fest: Fashion-spotting at Pharrell’s Something in the Water festival. Photograph by Evy Mages.

POTUS’s Best Friend: The new book on presidential pups. By Jessica Ruf.

Big Picture: A vintage look at the Baltimore-Washington Speedway. By David Andrews.


Molly Smith. Photograph by Jeff Elkins

Interview: Arena Stage’s Molly Smith is a DC theater institution. Why did she decide it’s time to retire? By Andrew Beaujon.


Salamander Resort’s Couples Suite. Photograph courtesy of Salamander Resort & Spa.

Let’s Plan a Staycation: Whether you want to es­cape to horse country or explore the city, we’ve got options for every taste. By Amy Moeller.

Making a Racket: Pickleball is super-fun, easy to learn, and addictive—and taking over courts throughout the area. By Kayla Benjamin.

Sitting Not So Pretty: Two-plus years into the pandemic, your home office may be causing aches and pains. By Damare Baker.

Why Can’t I Sleep?: Covid, inflation, politics—they’re all affecting your shuteye. But there are things you can do to sleep more soundly, including new apps. By Jessica Ruf.


“After” photograph by Stacy Zarin Goldberg.

Outward Appearances: These houses got modern facelifts while staying true to their original styles. Here’s how. By Marisa M. Kashino

The Briefing | Union Market District: A ton of new shops, restaurants, and places to explore have arrived in this fast-growing pocket of Northeast DC—and much more is on the way. By Jessica  Ruf.

Custody Chaos: For some exes who share kids, pandemic-inspired relocations have wreaked legal havoc. By Jessica M. Goldstein.

Off the Market: The month’s luxury home sales. By Washingtonian Staff.

Pocan in his younger performing days, “sawing” someone in half. Photograph courtesy of Congressman Mark Pocan.

Congressman/magician Mark Pocan on the power of a coin and a deck of cards. As told to Sylvie McNamara.