Here’s Every Show Reference You Can Find at DC’s Rick and Morty Pop-Up Bar

Want to nerd out? We found all our favorite Rick and Morty characters, from Zick Zack to Dr. Xenon Bloom—and you can too.

Check out Fart at the Drink Company's Wubba Lubba Dub PUB. Photograph by Christian Paz.

The newest (and maybe weirdest) Drink Company pop-up in Shaw is based on the popular show, Rick and Morty. We’re huge fans of the cartoon, but—based on conversations in our office—it turns out many people don’t know the difference between a Plutonian and a Floop Floopian. So, we decided to break down all of the characters and decor references that you can find in the bars inside the Wubba Lubba Dub PUB, which opens today and will run through Oct. 6.

The Trans-Dimensional Council of Ricks bar:

Photograph by Rosa Cartagena.

Who are all of these aliens? From left to right:

Zick Zack, a Floop Floopian who asks Rick to kill him so he can enjoy what’s described as an “orgasmic” afterlife. His plan doesn’t go well.

Noob Noob, a beloved and janitor for the universe’s superhero group, the Vindicators. They usually take him for granted.

Shrimply Pibbles, a renowned alien civil rights leader who tries to convince Jerry (Morty’s father) to donate his penis to science.

A Gazorpazorpian, found on Gazorpazorp, pretty much used exclusively for mating on the matriarchal planet.

King Flippy Nips, who reigns over Pluto (and, yes, contends that it is actually a planet).

Zeep Xanflorp, a being who lives in Rick’s spaceship battery (and voiced by Stephen Colbert).

Prince Nebulon, an alien voiced by David Cross who hates Rick and vies for the formula for concentrated dark matter—which is the name of a drink on the menu with armagnac, vermouth, amaro, and orange oil.

Cthulhu, the Lovecraft-inspired beast seen in the opening credits.

Photograph by Rosa Cartagena.

Above the bar floats Fart, voiced by Flight of the Conchords’ Jemaine Clement. This gaseous alien tried to get Morty to help with his mission of killing all carbon-based beings. A few Mortys adorn the back of the bar, with Evil Morty on the right.

Photograph by Rosa Cartagena.

A portion of the Council of Ricks.

Photograph by Rosa Cartagena.

Next to the council’s podium, there are a few more characters:

Tammy Guetermann, best friend of Summer (Morty’s sister) who’s in love with…

Birdperson, a good friend of Rick’s. He appears twice in the bar, here and in the back room of the Anatomy Park bar.

Revolio “Gearhead” Clockberg, Jr., a friend and sometimes adversary of Rick’s who plays a lute-like instrument at parties.

Squanchy, an alcoholic cat who parties hard with Rick. Just don’t ask what “squanch” means, because you probably won’t use it correctly.

Supernova, a superhero member of the Vindicators (flying above).

See if you can find these too:

Unity, a hivemind being that can control entire planets, also Rick’s ex.

Reverse Giraffe, the long-bodied, short-necked creature who tries to implant false memories into Rick and Morty’s family.

Scary Terry, the Freddy Krueger-like character in your nightmares.

Jaguar, a dangerous Russian agent from the “Pickle Rick” episode.

Ice-T, yep, but actually in ice.

Gwendolyn, the sex robot from Gazorpazorp that Rick buys for Morty.

Krombopulos Michael, an assassin who likes to pass out his business cards (#KMichaelKills)

Tinkles, a baby lamb with a unicorn horn who’s also Summer’s imaginary friend.

5th Dimension Testicle Monster #1, a nasty-looking creature with an even nastier story line.

The Screaming Sun.

Photograph by Rosa Cartagena.

The back room takes us to Cygnus-5 expanse, where we find Summer rooting along with the planet-sized Cromulons, all transfixed on the small stage where you can pose as one of the singing contestants.

The Mr. Meseeks bar:

Photograph by Christian Paz.

Through a green, inter-dimensional portal, enter the second bar area to find a collection of Mr. Meeseeks. These blue creatures are personal task-helpers, and once they complete what you’ve asked of them, they disappear. Press the box at their feet (pictured), and you’ll summon another. Their assigned tasks should be simple and easy to do because “existence is pain to a Meeseeks” (hence the name of one of the gin-based drinks with blue curaçao, coconut water, and absinthe). See if you can find their Golf Digest cover.

Above the bar and along the walls, you’ll find many different “real fake doors” from one of the funniest inter-dimensional cable commercials.

Photograph by Rosa Cartagena.

Also in this bar: Snuffles, the Smith family dog that becomes sentient after Rick creates a helmet to make him intelligent. He leads a doggo revolution against humans and takes the name Snowball because Snuffles is his slave name. Yeah, it’s an intense episode.

Photograph by Christian Paz.

It’s Tiny Rick! He’s kind of a jerk, like big Rick, but he goes to high school with Morty and Summer. This bar also features the “Ricks Only” entrance for guests who come dressed as a Rick. This part of the bar imitates the garage lab that Rick uses for his experiments. The decor includes specific details, like the lampshade, the skull, and green head on the shelves, plus his conspiracy theory bulletin board and the calendar with a mountain range image.

Other characters and references you can find:

Morty’s parents Beth and Jerry, looking worried.

The real fake doors salesman, who makes an appearance in a TV commercial in the show.

Recreations of the Smith family’s longtime alien friend Mr. Poopybutthole and Mr. Beauregard, an alien posing as the family butler.

Mr. Poopybutthole, the Smith family’s longtime friend.

Mr. Beauregard, an alien who poses as the family butler.

Pickle Rick (a tiny version of Rick as a pickle, and inspiration for the pickle-back shot on the menu.)

A portrait of baby alien Gazorpazorpian Morty, Jr., son of Morty and the sex robot Gwendolyn, that reads “#1 Great-Granddad.”

A photo of Butter Robot, who Rick made to pass the butter.

Plumbuses, alien household items that can be used for decoration or errands. You can also order a Plumbus drink: St. George Green Chile vodka, manzanilla, grapefruit, and sparkling water.

Anatomy Park bar:

Photograph by Christian Paz.

Located across from the Meeseeks bar is the Anatomy Park bar, a callback to an episode in which Rick shrinks Morty to the size of a cell to investigate a Jurassic Park-style amusement park Rick built inside of Ruben, a homeless man in a Santa outfit. He ends up dying while Morty is inside and the only way to rescue Morty is to enlarge Ruben into a planet-size being that floats over earth (look at the ceiling of the bar) before being blown up. Don’t worry though—Ruben’s large belly covers what unfortunately the lumberjacks in the Rocky Mountains had to see.

Toward the back of the bar, you’ll find the yellow monster incarnation of the Hepatitis A, the cutesy-creepy Bubonic Plague hanging out along the DNA strip above the bar, and Dr. Xenon Bloom, the blue amoeba scientist parody of Jurassic Park‘s John Hammond voiced by John Oliver, who partners with Rick to build Anatomy Park.

And at the far back of the room, check out the smaller fourth bar with large replicas of the Mega Trees from the pilot episode. The design on the bar itself features the tree’s valuable seeds. This is where you’ll find Rick and Morty in the spaceship above, with Morty freaking out as usual.

Rosa is a senior editor at Bitch Magazine. She’s written for Washingtonian and Smithsonian magazine.