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There’s a Giant Corn Maze in Maryland Dedicated to the Caps’ Stanley Cup Win

Photograph courtesy Bowles Farms.

Still riding high on that red tidal wave of victory? Bowles Farm in Clements, Maryland, has unveiled its latest corn creation, and it’s a tribute to DC’s finest gametime moment of 2018: the Washington Capitals’ Stanley Cup win.

The 15-acre corn maze has been turned into a giant homage to the Caps, reminding us all to “Rock the Red!” in #AllCaps. The Capitol building from their former dome logo is set over a pair of double hockey sticks, and surrounded by a more traditional hedge maze.

Dedicated Caps fans can test their knowledge of the team’s magic season by trying—and probably failing—to navigate their way out of this year’s corn maze.

If the roar of the parade and Ovi’s f-bombs still ring in your ears, this maze is for you.

The maze will run for five weekends, from September 29 to October 28. Tickets to the farm are $10 per person (cash or check only!), and include everything from the Kids Play Area, the straw jumping pits, and a good ol’ fashioned fall hayride. Pumpkins sold separately. Tickets are available now at Bowles Farms.


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