Which of These 4 DC Coworking Spaces Is Right for You?

Want to write that memo at 3 AM? Read on.

1 . Bond Collective

Who it’s for: Workers who care as much about style as perks.
Why it’s appealing: This New York–based company offers high-end design and a gym, among other enticements.
Why it isn’t: It won’t be open until next spring.

2. Eaton House DC

Who it’s for: Artists, activists, and anyone hoping to avoid Republicans.
Why it’s appealing: In addition to the typical amenities, Eaton DC—a hotel with a progressive-politics bent—offers access to its wellness center and events programming.
Why it isn’t: Despite the supposed underground vibe, it’s an exclusive, members-only club with some of the highest fees in town.

3. Mindspace

Who it’s for: Sociable workaholics.
Why it’s appealing: Want to write that memo at 3 am? This Israeli import is open 24-7. Membership also provides access to Mindspace outposts around the world.
Why it isn’t: Unless you’re a frequent traveler to Europe, you can get similar amenities for less money.

4. The Wing

Who it’s for: Women. Dudes aren’t allowed.
Why it’s appealing: Chic decor, beauty-product samples, and networking opportunities galore.
Why it isn’t: For a club that reps feminist inclusivity, the high price and restricted membership list are a disconnect.

This article appears in the October 2018 issue of Washingtonian.

Editorial Fellow