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Washingtonian Today: “Capitol Hill South” Is Not a Thing

Photograph by Evy Mages

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Happy Friday Jr., folks! Purple Line construction is making it hard for some Silver Spring residents to sleep, and someone built a shrine for the “Day of the Politically Dead” featuring Merrick Garland, Jeff Flake, the Trans-Pacific Partnership, the War on Christmas, and Jeb Bush. Spooky.

Speaking of political riffs on holidays, how do you guys feel about news-themed costumes, like Jared Kushner in a flak jacket, or a “binder full of women”? Couldn’t get more DC if you tried, right?. So: What are the topical newsy costumes for this year? Somewhere, there’s a “Donald Trump Crossing the Swamp” ensemble in the works.

A few days ago I asked what snacks you’d keep in the White House if you were President, and did y’all deliver with the submissions.

A big Washingtonian Today shoutout to Betsy Klein, who suggested a cornucopia of: “popcorn, target monster mix, dried mango, perky jerky, string cheese, babybel, hint of lime tostitos with the microwaveable cheese sauce, Tate’s chocolate chip cookies, haribo bears, rosemary triscuits.” Some of my other favorite suggestions were Rebecca Rainey’s rare Yellow Vitamin Water, Shane Savitsky‏’s Old Forge pizza, DJ Judd’s green apple Hi-Chew, and Kate Bennett’s chocolate covered potato chips.

It’s quite splendid to hear from you guys. Always feel free to send me an email at or a Twitter DM at @blrshepherd with suggestions for this newsletter or submissions of your own.

Also: Whole Foods in Navy Yard (I will call it “Capitol Hill South” WHEN I AM DEAD IN THE GROUND) opens today!

What we have cooking at Washingtonian:

Our pick for things to do around the District:

CONCERT: Chvrches plays at the Anthem tonight. The Scottish trio’s happy-sad synth-pop anthems sound like lost classics from unheard ’80s John Hughes movie soundtracks. Release your inner Molly Ringwald when they stop by the Anthem to perform “Graffiti,” “Forever,” and other Andie Walsh–worthy tracks from the band’s latest album, Love Is Dead. 6:30 pm, $41-56

Free Fitness:

Meet at the sundial on Georgetown’s waterfront for a “Ghost Race” with DC Run Crew. What the heck’s a Ghost Race? Here, it’s an all-levels-welcome 8K, “a secret race run at different times and with different groups on the same path.” Best to not ask too many questions and just do it (but be sure to download the Strava app, which is required). Register here. 2900 K St., NW.

Good reads:

  • It takes a lot of Dairy Queen for Will Hurd to campaign in his highly competitive Texas district, reports Haley Byrd.But he’s not running on ice cream alone. Byrd’s profile of the other Texas race people are talking about is a must-read. (The Weekly Standard)
  • Comedian Julia Louis-Dreyfus will receive the Kennedy Center’s Mark Twain Prize for Humor on Sunday. This is the story of how she became the best sitcom actor of all time. (The Washington Post)

Big events from Washingtonian:

Will the new sandwich shop in Navy Yard Whole Foods make our Cheap Eats list?

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