The Best Things We Bought This Month

Faux-Neon Bat Signal

I initially bought this light on a whim. It was a total impulse buy when I was thinking about Halloween decorations. Who doesn’t love bats? It was surprisingly a bright yet soft purple-ish light, and it made my living room look SUPER cool. I think I’m gonna keep it up all year. —Rosa Cartagena ($25 from Target)

Zara Corduroy Culottes

I bought these wide leg corduroy culottes that I’m loving. They rank as one of THE MOST comfortable pants in my closet. I love the really wide wale and ’70s vibe, along with their perfect mustard-y color, and I’m planning on pairing them with tall Italian-style boots as it gets colder. Plus Zara has been so dangerously good lately—it was a risk even going back for the link to these. —Hayley Garrison Phillips ($50 from Zara)

Bedsure Flannel Fleece Luxury Blanket

I got this blanket because I’m always cold but I don’t like being sweaty. It’s lightweight and just warm enough and so soft that it feels like you’re being cuddled by dozens of puppies. It was also pretty cheap. I also bought this shirt mostly on a dare but I love it.—Helen Carefoot ($16 from Amazon)

TaskRabbit membership

As a newly minted adult who hasn’t yet grasped the concept of fiscal responsibility, side-hustle apps are a lifesaver. My newest investment is signing up for TaskRabbit, an app that connects people who need (usually tedious) projects done with people who need money. The best-paying and most common jobs are usually moving or furniture assembly work, but because I’m small and weak, I take jobs that require me to stand in line for hours on end–for a fee, of course. —Regina Park ($20 registration fee from TaskRabbit)

Good American Good Legs High Rise Skinny Jeans

Don’t laugh, but the best thing I got was a pair of dark denim from Good American, Khloe Kardashian’s size-inclusive denim brand. They get me through *everything*; I could dress them down for the office, then throw on a blazer and heels and go right to the White House. They’re comfortable, stylish, and most important, cause-friendly. I recommend them to any business casual working woman in Washington. —Brittany Shepherd ($160 from Nordstrom)

Furla Incanto bag

The best thing I bought all month (and at a better price, right at the source in Italy) was this sunny yellow Crossbody bag by Furla. It will forever remind me of the fun, romantic day I spent roaming the streets of Venice. —Sherri Dalphonse ($250 from Furla)

Medicine Mama’s Apothecary Sweet Bee Magic All In One Healing Skin Cream

My skin thrives in humidity (one of the few reasons I love DC summers) and as soon as the weather changes for fall, my dewy summer skin becomes dry and irritated. I got this stuff to use as a nighttime moisturizer and it has saved my face and hands from drying up in the chilly weather. It also protected and hydrated the skin around my nose during a particularly nasty cold in October, which I am forever thankful for ?. —Ryan Weisser  ($21 from Amazon)

Finally getting my poster framed

$150 well spent. —Benjamin Wofford (Framing services at Picture Frame Factory of Adams Morgan)

Aztec Chai

It’s a spicy-Mexican-hot-chocolate-meets-chai drink, so it’s delightfully zingy in flavor and also provides the requisite caffeine boost thanks to a dose of espresso. —Lila Thulin ($6.33 for a medium from Bourbon Coffee)

Nike “Internationalist” Sneakers

I scored these cute Nike sneakers on sale at Nordstrom. I love the color—fun, but still pretty neutral—and the vintage styling. Plus, they’re super comfortable. —Marisa M. Kashino ($67 at Nordstrom)

My first pair of skinny jeans

They feel great. They’re affordable and stretchy enough that I can dance in them–I did so in the changing room. I don’t need a belt to wear them, but they’re not too skinny. It was my first time in Old Town, and I haven’t stopped talking about the outlets, food I had at Murphy’s, and coffee at Misha’s. But the highlight was the jeans. —Elliot Williams ($35 at the Gap Outlet, 622 King Street, Alexandria)

Brooks B17 Saddle

My previous Brooks saddle was the most comfortable bike seat I’ve ever had and could have lasted longer than the 12 years it spent under me had I not left it out in the rain one too many times. So I’m currently going through the long and unpleasant process of breaking in a new one, which is why I’m in such a bad mood lately. I also finally got a seat cover for locking up in bad weather.  —Andrew Beaujon (Available at your local bike shop or for $90 on Amazon)

PowerLix Milk Frother

I recently confronted a sad dilemma: My taste in coffee has become more and more bougie, but I don’t have the means to support said bougie-ness. Enter the milk frother. After a couple easy clicks on Amazon, I am now able to have the bubbly, frothy almond milk-topped coffee of my dreams in my favorite chipped mug, all without leaving my home or getting out of my pajamas. Or spending $7. A win all around! —Mimi Montgomery ($16 from Amazon)