The Best Things We Bought This Month: Quarantine Edition

Goods and gadgets for a month of social distancing

Beexcellent Gaming Headset

“I borrowed my kids’ much nicer gaming headsets during the first couple days of social distancing so I could get on video calls without feedback or interruption. They’ve dragged me pretty hard since I ordered my own cheap one, especially once they realized its USB plug’s only purpose is to power the eye-searing red LEDs over the ears, but this thing works great for phone calls, too, and my colleagues seem to be too polite to say anything about it when we gather for our 11 AM video call. Bonus: The headset’s not awful when it comes to listening to music.” -Andrew Beaujon, senior editor; $28; Amazon

Glossier Skywash 

“In self-quarantine, every day is casual Friday, and it’s both a blessing and a curse. A week ago, author Curtis Sittenfeld took to wearing her wedding dress at lunch and it inspired me. Enter: Glossier’s fun eyeshadows and liners, which have become a source of defiant, playful joy on the worst days. The sky is falling, but my eyelids are CHARTREUSE!” -Hannah Good, social media producer; $18; Glossier

Goya Masarepa

“Arepas remind me of breakfast at my grandma’s house — a comforting memory during scary times. I’m hoping to master a simple cheese version, and then start experimenting with different fillings. Not to mention, it’s a fun way to pass the time without leaving my house.” –Daniella Byck, assistant editor; $11; Amazon

Portable Space Heater 

“For now, my finished basement is serving as my yoga studio. Adding a space heater was game-changing. It made the space a much more inviting place to practice, and the workouts are a lot sweatier.” -Marisa Kashino, senior editor; $26; Amazon 

Trader Joe’s Rainbow Trout Smoked Fillets 

Photo by Flickr user Aramani

“As part of my stocking up, I grabbed several sleeves (not cans) of the smoked rainbow trout fillets at Trader Joe’s. My husband and I like them tossed in a salad with a little goat cheese and a palmful of sliced almonds. But I’m pumped about them right now because my two-year-old—whose favorite food groups are cheese, cheese, and did I mention cheese?—has been tearing into them with abandon.” -Kristen Hinman, articles editor; Trader Joe’s

WHOOP Fitness Tracker

“I bought a WHOOP fitness tracker at the recommendation of a friend. Compared to other fitness trackers out there, the WHOOP focuses less on calories & step tracking , and more on performance, recovery, and sleep—which are 3 things I’m focusing on improving at during this quarantine life!” -Jenny Rosenberg, designer; $30; Whoop

Stainless Steel Lemon Zester With Channel Knife

“It changed citrus for me. I’m making cold candied oranges tonight. Apparently this can’t be done without a channel knife.” -Lauren Bulbin, assistant photo editor; $7; Amazon