The Best Things We Bought This Month

Bug Spray

“With all the rain this spring, the mosquitoes have been coming at me hard. This is the best bug repellent according to Wirecutter. I like that it doesn’t take up too much room in my purse, and it doesn’t smell super strong like Deet.” -Jessica Sidman, food editor (Sawyer Premium Insect Repellent, $13, Amazon)

Cookware and Rollerblade Wheels

“I moved out of a group house and into a smaller place this month, finding myself with nothing to cook with. I ran over to Ikea at College Park and got this pot/saucepan set. They’re handwash-only and you have to kind of put the handles on yourself. But at $13, what can I say? They work.

“I [also] got the chance to skate in the Capital Pride parade this year, but I needed outdoor wheels for my quads. I picked these up from Department of Skate in Northeast. They’re soft and gummy to help with sticks and stones, easy to cruise on, and super cute! The shop owner also taught me how to put them on, which was much appreciated.” -Lilah Burke, editorial fellow (Ikea Annons cookware set, $13, Ikea; Moxi Outdoor Wheels 4-pack, $25, Department of Skate)


“I used to be anti-backpack—too many memories of lugging my JanSport around middle school hallways—but, after my shoulders and back began revolting against my tote bag, I finally caved. I basically just searched for cheap, not-totally-ugly options that I could Prime, but I actually struck gold with this bad boy. It is HUGE, which means I can tote around all the crap I could ever want, which is ideal for an anxious hoarder like myself. Cans of seltzer? Yep, I’ve got those in there. Workout clothes? They’re in there, too. Laptop? Check. Bags of almonds? Spare charger? Multiple copies of outdated interior design magazines? YEP, THEY’RE ALL IN THERE.” -Mimi Montgomery, associate editor (Himawari backpack, $37, Amazon)

Electric Toothbrush

“Basically my dentist told me that if I’m not going to floss more, then at least this will help the situation. So far, I’m into it!” -Anna Marina Savvidis, photo director (Philips Sonicare electric toothbrush, $80, Amazon)

Face Mask

“The Laneige Water Sleeping Mask is one of my go-to beauty products because of how refreshing it is. As someone who is constantly dehydrated, I feel like the mask helps bring a moisturized glow back to my skin.” Madeline Rundlett, editorial fellow (Laneige Water Sleeping Mask, $25, Sephora)

Portable Carpet Cleaner

“Here is one thing I know to be true: If you own anything covered in cloth, someone (a kid, a dog, me) is going to find a way to mess it up. This thing has its flaws—it’s so heavy and loud! Also, why is there no place to store the extra scrubber head?—but it did such a good job removing a stain from an armchair that I quickly resolved to freshen up all our furniture, which now looks GREAT. Please come visit me in my museum-quality home. There will be no snacks or wine served, sorry.” Andrew Beaujon, senior editor (Bissell SpotClean Professional Portable Carpet Cleaner, $140, Amazon)

Digital Voice Recorder

“This thing is specifically designed to record interviews, which means I never need to remember to charge my iPhone ever again. Also, it looks like a Juul. I now carry more clout in both the journalism and teenage communities.” –Will Peischel, editorial fellow (EVISTR digital voice recorder, $30, Amazon)

Mimi Montgomery Washingtonian
Home & Features Editor

Mimi Montgomery joined Washingtonian in 2018. She’s written for The Washington Post, Garden & Gun, Outside Magazine, Washington City Paper, DCist, and PoPVille. Originally from North Carolina, she now lives in Del Ray.