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Washingtonian Today: A City Coming Apart at the SCREAMS

Photographs from the aftermath of last night's High Heel Race by Evy Mages

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Terrifying morning, and welcome to the creepy, kooky Halloween edition of Washingtonian Today. Today’s the day we celebrate ghosting, but not the kind that leaves you binge-eating five pints of Ben & Jerry’s Americone Dream. What’s your costume this year? Send me a note and I’ll share some of my favorites next week. Bonus points if you send photos. If you’re dying for a last-minute political costume (ugh) maybe consider that viral group photo of Trump staffers who were ousted.

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Consider heading over to Massachusetts Avenue to grab some candy on Embassy Row today. This year, the embassies of Finland, Portugal, Mexico, and Greece are among those that have some sort of themed celebration. Some bad news: a spokesperson from the Greek Embassy tells me the name of the game: there are no plans to play or dress up as ABBA. Please give me some space during this difficult time. (In case you missed it, you can still probably use official White House phone numbers to get discounts at your neighborhood drugstore for candy and various festive accoutrements.)

What we have cooking at Washingtonian:

Our pick for things to do around the District:

BOOKS: Reading Rainbow fans have probably already discovered LeVar Burton’s podcast, “LeVar Burton Reads,” where the Star Trek actor reads short fiction. Hear him read in person at the Lincoln Theatre’s “LeVar Burton Reads Live!” show, which will feature guest author Edward P. Jones and musical guest Elise Cuffy. Note that this show is not intended for children under the age of 13. $35-$100, 8 PM.

Good reads:

  • Journalists of color spoke out on the race-baiting overtones of the Trump campaign in 2016, Joel Mathis reports—so why did no one believe them? (The Week)
  • And now, a spooky themed throwback for you guys: the correct way to be a cannibal, Vincent Bevin writes, is to eat the rich or powerful. (The Outline)

Big events from Washingtonian

HEY DON’T SCROLL PAST THIS PART: We’re bringing back our series in which locals track the food they eat, the money they spend, and other activities they enjoy over the course of a weekend (we may have had an issue with spam filters, so you’ll have to click this link for more details). Email or reach out to me directly if you’re interested in learning more and submitting. (And check out some of my fav past submissions.) (PS—JOURNALISTS, YOU CANNOT SUBMIT ONE OF THESE.)

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