What I’m Wearing: A Visual Technician With a Go-To Photographer Suit

"Your outfit is an art piece. You get to make a style and art choice for yourself each morning."

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David Wardrick says his fashion icon is Jeff Goldblum, who has an “old guy, don’t care” style he admires. Still, Wardrick has a 1990s skater-kid fashion sense that just won’t go away, “even if only I think it’s cool,” he says.

Wardrick, 39, is a visual technician and freelance photographer from Southwest DC who is constantly on the move. “There are days when a polo shirt and jeans are required because we’re climbing up dirty stages and running wires,” he says. “Then there are days just filled with meetings or photo shoots and happy hours. Those are the days I try to add some flair.”

He found his sweet spot with a photographer suit from Express that allows him to feel fashionable and mobile. He usually adds the skater flair with a pair of casual sneakers from DC Shoes. Says Wardrick: “They work with jeans. They work with a sport coat. They just work.”

Photo courtesy of Aubrey Gemignani

What I’m wearing in this photo

An Express thin-fit “photographer” suit and a tie from Goodwill. Wardrick says he bought the suit at the Express in Tysons Corner the day before he was sent to cover the President Obama-hosted White House science fair for NASA. “The suit is cheap, fits off the rack, and I don’t care if they tear after a gig—I can buy another one,” he says.

Important meeting outfit 

In grade school, Wardrick was taught to never be the most underdressed person in the room. “If I’m walking in expecting business casual, then an oxford button down with a tie and cardigan is my go to,” he says.

Favorite item of clothing right now 

Skinny straight work pants from Dickies. They’re a good fit for outfits “from casual and business casual, to working on a set doing a video production,” he says. “They’re good with any shoes, from Timberlands to Vans to flip-flops.”

Favorite fashion trend

I love that there’s no grand hierarchy of fashion because of the online blogger world. You can wear baggy, skinny, holey, plush, cotton, whatever,” he says. “Just being you and making a little art with your clothing is what’s in. As long as you go all in, you’re trending.”

Style advice

Your outfit is an art piece. You get to make a style and art choice for yourself each morning, do something that people will enjoy seeing and you’ll feel great wearing. I’m one of those people that sees Miranda from The Devil Wears Prada as the protagonist of the film.”

Photo by Aubrey Gemignani
Photo by Aubrey Gemignani

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