What I’m Wearing: Style Advice From a Custom Menswear Showroom Manager

Nick Jerome spends his days "making guys look good" at Knot Standard's 14th Street showroom.

Photos courtesy of Roy Langley

Nick Jerome knows style. He knows style so well, it’s his full-time job. The 26-year-old Massachusetts native is a manager at Knot Standard‘s 14th Street showroom where he oversees the day-to-day operations and spends his time “making guys look good.”

Jerome, who lives in Adams Morgan, has plenty of fashion advice and says his personal style is all about the updated classics. “A navy suit or blazer is so popular because it works in many scenarios and has for over a century,” he says. “But it’s easy to look out of date if the fit or the accents aren’t right. Tweaking those little details allows me to wear almost every garment I own in different settings while always looking dressed for the occasion.”

Men’s fashion can be tough to get into because everyone has an opinion on what the rules are and how far you can deviate from them, Jerome says. His best advice: “Trust your vision. Rules are made to be broken. As long as you love the way you present yourself and there’s a vision or strategy behind it, go for it.”

Photo courtesy of Roy Langley

What I’m wearing in this photo

The suit and shirt are from Knot Standard, and the tie is from Drake’s. “I love this monochromatic blue look. It’s a great way to have some fun while wearing a suit and tie. It’s so easy to fall into the classic dark suit, white shirt, conservative tie outfit because it works in every scenario. This puts some personality into it.”

Fashion icon

“My dad. He’s the reason I started caring about the way I dress. We’re always chasing the generation before us.”

Interview outfit 

“I have a navy, subtle windowpane suit made by Knot Standard from Dormeuil Exel Blue fabric that is my special occasion go-to. The pattern is subtle enough that I look elevated, but not out of place. Exel Blue has natural stretch—no lycra or elastane, so it doesn’t lose its ability to perform over time—and is outrageously comfortable.”

Favorite item of clothing

A field jacket from last fall. “The ability to dress up a casual outfit with a bit of an edge has added a lot to my wardrobe. I’m actually devastated that it’s getting warmer out because I’m going to have to hang it up for a few months.”

Favorite fashion trend

“I love the minimalist trend in menswear. It’s making men’s fashion a lot more approachable for the everyman. It can be intimidating to try to wear all bold patterns and crazy colors.”

Three words to describe DC’s style

“It’s getting there.”

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