What I’m Wearing: Meet the Man Behind the Camera of Capitol Hill Photo

Photos courtesy of Anthony Bolognese.

If you scroll through enough Instagram accounts of people in the Washington area, chances are, you’ll stumble on a picture taken by Capitol Hill Photo. The man behind the camera is Anthony Bolognese, a 23-year-old from Cleveland who moved to the area in 2015. As a freelancer living in Merrifield, Virginia, Bolognese splits his time between photoshoots and custom fittings as co-owner of Capitol Hill Clothiers.

He says no day follows a “typical” schedule: “The thing about the businesses I run is that every day becomes an entirely new experience. One day I’m fitting an executive at his home in Great Falls, the next I’m photographing a magazine release party on the Wharf.”

Bolognese is often the youngest one on set, so he dresses to match the occasion. He describes his style as “slim, sophisticated, and bold when I can be.” 

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What I’m wearing in this photo

Jacket, shirt, and pants, (Capitol Hill Clothiers); watch (Skagen); loafers (Gucci).

Fashion icon

Guillaume Bo. “That man can pull off some absolutely incredible looks and has a very interesting life story.”

Big meeting outfit

“Being as young as I am, I tend to be the predetermined underdog when it comes to ‘big’ meetings, so I try to match the vibe of the meeting I’m having. In DC, that’s usually more on the conservative side, so a solid or subtly-patterned medium or dark-colored suit, a textured dress shirt, and a complementary tie and pocket square combo.”

Commuting style strategy

“The gear I haul around is a bit different from the average commuter, but when I travel to a clothing consultation, it’s always my Coach Metropolitan Courier messenger bag—perfect for my laptop and necessary trinkets. For photography travel, I use a LowePro Pro Runner BP 350 at the moment. I’m definitely looking for something a bit more stylish but still photographer focused, though.”

Favorite fashion trend

People breaking out bolder colors and patterns for the summer. “I love when people let loose a little and wear things that aren’t so boring,” he says. “There’s definitely a hard line between fun and Pitti Peacock, but I’m pleased with a lot of what I see.”

Least favorite fashion trend

Thin lapels. “There are so many hallmarks of a cheap suit, but nothing screams ‘fast fashion’ like lapels that are an inch or two wide.”

Best bargain in DC

“Thrift stores are forever something that can be an absolute miracle. I’ve found Loro Piana cashmere slacks for $8, vintage Brooks Brothers suits for $30, even the basics like jeans and sweaters. You just have to take the time to find something worth picking up.”

Style advice

“Fit is the most important aspect of your wardrobe,” says Bolognese. “You can make a $5,000 suit look terrible or a thrifted suit look incredible just by making sure it fits correctly. Take the time to ensure whatever you buy or already own sees a tailor and really becomes your garment.”

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