What’s in My Gym Bag: The St. James Director of Strength and Conditioning Myron Flowers

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Who: Myron Flowers
Does: Director of strength and conditioning at the St. James
Approach to fitness: “Strive for consistency and balance as a lifestyle. Do the things that work for you and make you better—run your own race in life. The success you reach will come from your positive energy and the spirit of the individuals you surround yourself with.”

The bag

“I keep it simple with my gym bag,” says Flowers. “When I spend most of my day at the gym, I need to have a versatile bag with room for all of my gear, such as workout clothes like my ALO Technical Moto Joggers from Strivers, the retail store inside the St. James, to suits for client meetings and presentations.” Three-Stripes Duffel Bag; $35, Adidas


“I use Timeles’s Amino Kick and Red Zone for pre- and post-workout,” says Flowers. “It helps maintain my endurance level during intense training, and helps my recovery to attack the next day’s workout.” Red Zone Pre-Workout, $40; Amino Kick, $30; Timeless


“Whether I am writing up training plans or trying new workouts for my clients, my Powerbeats are perfect for an active lifestyle without cords getting in the way.” Powerbeats3 Wireless Earphones; $200; Beats by Dre


Flowers always has deodorant in his bag for a post-workout touch-up, and he also carries shea butter to keep his skin moisturized after a shower. Raw Shea Balm; $6; Palmer’s 

Performance gear

The Agogie resistance training pants have resistance bands built into them, which intensifies workouts. “I wear them during my strength training, speed and agility, explosive jumps, and movements,” says Flowers. Men’s +40 Resistance Pants; $130; Agogie


“I always have my Nike Vapor cleats with me because I work with many athletes,” says Flowers. “I am often coaching football movements and it’s important to have proper shoes. These are light-weight and help keep me sharp with all of my positional drills.” Vapor Untouchable 3 Speed cleats; $64; Nike

This interview has been edited and condensed. 

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