Today at 11: Chat With Food Critic Ann Limpert

Leave a question now for Ann, and she'll get to as many as possible this morning.

Photograph by Scott Suchman

Join us today at 11 AM to chat with Washingtonian food critic Ann Limpert. She’ll be there to address whatever’s on your mind, whether you’re wondering how you can support local restaurants or are wondering what types of food are best suited to delivery. Leave a question now, and Ann will get to as many as she can.

Ann: Hey everybody, thanks for joining me on what I’m sure will be another strange, surreal day. It’s hard to predict how things will shake out for local restaurants in the next few months, but it’s fair to assume the hit will be significant and quite possibly devastating during what’s usually the busiest tourist season of the year. Some places, like Iron Gate and Clyde’s, are pivoting to include delivery. Others, such as Reveler’s Hour, are encouraging customers to buy giftcards they can use at a later date. I think we’ll see more intentional takeout setups, more pop-up-style casual food (in Seattle, the upscale Canlis has converted itself into a drive-thru burger joint). I mean, if Komi started doing takeout gyros, I’d be there in a millisecond…just saying. Meanwhile, I really feel for the newcomers—like Makan, Albi (although the place was packed the other night), Cranes, Swahili Village, and Xiquet

One question I know people are thinking about: Should you even go out? It goes without saying that if you have any symptoms the answer is a giant NO. But many restaurants are taking extra precautions to keep customers safe (door openers you can hit with your toe, extra-well-spaced tables).

How are you handling things? Going out as usual? If so, what are you encountering out there? Asking Caviar delivery folks to drop food off on your doorstep? Spending half the day stress-baking? Let me know. 

Anyway, I’m here for any questions or comments you’ve got—Coronavirus-related or not—for the next 45 minutes. Ask them in the form below; the chat transcript shows up underneath.