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3 Captivating Longreads for a Corona-Free Weekend

A superstar of Generation Z, Jeff Bezos's DC life, and an unbelievable bureaucrat-conman who convinced the EPA he also worked for the CIA.

Photograph by Marquis Perkins.

Looking for stories to take your mind off constant corona coverage? At your service.

What It’s Like to Become the Voice of Your Generation—at Age 12

Gen Z’er Naomi Wadler was the breakout star of the 2018 March for Our Lives. She and her family never imagined the spectacular series of events that came next.

Inside Jeff Bezos’s DC Life

Photo-Illustration By C.J. Burton
Photo-illustration By C.J. Burton.

Before covid, the Amazon founder and Washington Post owner was renovating his mammoth Kalorama home and quietly becoming a freewheeling DC socialite. What brought the tech giant to town in the first place? And what does he do, exactly, when he’s around? This 2018 story describes how the world’s richest man is becoming a Washingtonian.

The Suit Who Spooked the EPA

John Beale, a decorated bureaucrat who spent decades at the EPA, was the model public servant…who also claimed to be a spy. You’ll never believe his con.