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Betting Sites Put Odds on Possible New Names for Washington’s NFL Team

Dan Snyder is all but certain to make a change, but what name will he chose?

Now that it’s all but certain that Dan Snyder will change the name of Washington’s NFL team, local football fans have begun playing a new sport: trying to predict the club’s new name.

But the sports betting site is going one step further. It’s offering betting odds on some possible new names for the team.

So what do the oddsmakers think?

“Redtails”—a name that refers to the Tuskegee Airmen, a World War II squadron of Black fighter pilots—is the favorite, with 3-to-1 odds. At the other end of the spectrum, the “Trumps” and the “Snowflakes” are each 500-to-1 long shots.

Here is the complete list of odds, from, via

Redtails 3/1
Generals 4/1
Presidents 5/1
Lincolns 6/1
Veterans 8/1
Capitols 9/1
Americans 10/1
Memorials 10/1
Monuments 10/1
Kings 12/1
Roosevelts 12/1
Redhawks 15/1
Jeffersons 20/1
Renegades 22/1
Arlingtons 25/1
Hogs 50/1
Snowflakes 500/1
Trumps 500/1

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