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Please Enjoy These TikToks of Multimillion-Dollar Mansions

A DC-based real estate agent's account features Mike Tyson's former Bethesda estate, on which he once lost a white tiger.

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If you’re anything like this writer, you’ve exhausted every inch of space you could possibly stare at in your 500-square-foot apartment over the past few months. Good thing there’s mansion TikTok!

DC-based real estate agent Daniel Heider, of the eponymous Heider group and TTR Sotheby’s, is posting TikTok videos of the multimillion-dollar homes and penthouses he’s selling in the DC area. The account has more than 474,000 followers, with some TikToks reaching millions of views.


Imagine coming home to this… #luxuryrealestate #realestate #mansion #dreamhome #luxury

♬ original sound – oliviaelysse


The Mike Tyson Estate – Price: $8,500,000 @fullystyled #realestate #luxuryrealestate #housetour

♬ Skechers (feat. Tyga) – Remix – DripReport & Tyga

For many of the videos, Heider has collaborated with DC stylist Rebecca Jahangeri, who also has her own TikTok following. The duo met in high school while working at the Tysons Galleria Ralph Lauren store, says Jahangeri, and once they realized they were orbiting in the same worlds via their entrepreneurial pursuits—upmarket homes, upmarket clothes—they decided to collaborate. In the videos featuring Jahangeri, she’s decked out in designer clothes while sashaying underneath chandeliers and walk-in closets the size of Wyoming; in the background, music like the Sex and the City theme song loops. (For the record, Jahangeri’s favorite home of the bunch is the Château de Lumière in Great Falls, which is listed for $14 million.) 

“We’re really selling a lifestyle here because we have a lot of crossover in clientele,” says Jahangeri. “He sells luxury homes and I sell luxury clothes.”


A $14,000,000 foyer. @fullystyled #mansion #realestate #luxuryrealestate

♬ original sound – whiterthanyou


$8,500,000 #maryland #realestate #luxuryrealestate #housetour @fullystyled

♬ original sound – vsco.tracks

Of course, Heider’s homes—many of which are in spots like Potomac, Great Falls, and McLean and include Mike Tyson’s former Bethesda estate, on which he once lost a white tiger—are probably way beyond the budgets of the typical social media gawker. This is likely especially true on TikTok, which tends to skew toward Gen Z. But it’s still good exposure for both of them, says Jahangeri, who hopes to one day make the leap to full-on social media influencer. “A ton of the Gen Z people are just funny,” she says of the TikTok comments. “They’re like, ‘Who’s this girl?’ ‘How do we become rich?’ Like, ‘Teach us to become successful.'”


Hot tub goals.?#realestate #luxuryrealestate #pool @fullystyled




Come live your dream in Bethesda, MD $4,487,000 @fullystyled #realestate #pool #luxury

♬ Classic (feat. POWERS) – The Knocks Sunrise Edit – The Knocks

For people not currently in the mansion-purchasing market, perhaps this online opulence—multimillion-dollar mansions, designers clothes, luxury cars, Mike Tyson—might seem off-key during a pandemic that’s left many unemployed and claimed more than 160,000 lives.

But it’s also a pretty entertaining way to distract yourself from the fact that you haven’t been outside in two days. I mean, did you see those pools?

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