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Finding Joy and Connection at a Drag Show in a Parking Lot

We were there when the Drive 'n Drag tour brought some much-needed positivity to Annapolis

Anya Nees, Matthew De Geeter, Diana Guevara and Nolan Herrin. Photo by Lauren Bulbin

On August 23, the Drive ’N Drag tour—featuring former contestants from RuPaul’s Drag Race—arrived at a not-exactly-glamorous setting: the parking lot of an Annapolis shopping mall. But for the fans who attended the watch-from-your-car event, it was a vital celebration of identity and community.

Dani Brown

Winston-Salem, North Carolina

“I had been very stressed, and this trip and show were much needed and a great escape from the trouble and insanity that 2020 has been.”

Emma Daisy Lynn Hammett and Molly McVicker

Bel Air

“It feels good to be [around] such supportive people,” says McVicker. “We should be hopeful and look at the positive things, even though there’s not very many currently.”

Cheyenne Amaya and Logan Dulski

Reston and North Potomac

“Being surrounded by the LGBTQIA+ community while staying safe in our cars was an amazing and reassuring experience,” says Dulski.

Anaya Renee


“The drag scene is culture, creativity, confidence, beauty, and humor. To make people laugh, smile, sing, and dance during these times is priceless to me.”

Anya Nees, Matthew De Geeter, Diana Guevara, and Nolan Herrin


“Drag gives me the confidence to push my own limits,” says Herrin. “It makes me feel more liberated and free.”

Zach Tennant


“The drag scene, for me, is all about acceptance and being able to express yourself.”

Photographs by Lauren Bulbin

This article initially appeared in the October issue of Washingtonian.