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DC Will Restart Parking Enforcement June 1

Also, if your driver's license expired during the pandemic, you'll have to renew it before July 1.

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The District of Columbia plans to restart enforcing parking regulations on June 1. Also, if your license expired during the pandemic, you’ll have to renew it before July 1, Mayor Muriel Bowser announced in a news conference Monday.

The District suspended enforcement of most parking regulations at the outset of the Covid crisis last year and began to ease back into ticketing violators in certain spots last month. Bowser also announced a ticket amnesty program. Rates for residential parking permits will change: Permits will cost $50 for a household’s first car, $75 for the second, $100 for the third, and $150 for the fourth.

Among the practices that will return:

June 1:

• Towing vehicles, along with fines

• Street sweeping/SWEEP enforcement

• Vehicles will require valid registration and inspection stickers

July 1:

• Vehicles that have two or more unsatisfied tickets more than 60 days old are subject to booting

• All DC drivers and ID card holders will require current credentials.

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