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The Hello Kitty Cafe Truck Is Returning to the DC Area This Weekend

Have a Hello Kitty obsession? This may be exciting for you.

Photograph courtesy of the Hello Kitty Cafe Truck.

If you’re a fan of inexplicably popular Japanese feline characters, you might want to skip the trip to the beach this weekend. On Saturday, you can experience a Hello Kitty Cafe without actually going to Japan or traveling across the country. The official Hello Kitty Cafe Truck is coming to Pentagon Row (near the DSW) on Saturday, July 24 as a part of its 2021 East Coast tour.

What exactly is a Hello Kitty Cafe Truck? Well…it’s basically a food truck with Hello Kitty-themed desserts and merch. The trucks, which are smaller version of the Hello Kitty Cafes in Las Vega and California, have been around since 2014. They have drawn crowds of both younger and older fans willing to spend a pretty penny on themed mugs and plushes, while eating equally pricey cookies and cakes (i.e. 13 bucks just for a three-piece cookie set).

This pastel pink mobile cafe will feature exclusive, limited-edition collectibles and treats, such as a new Hello Kitty Cafe t-shirt, a Hello Kitty Cafe Cookie plush, and hand-decorated Hello Kitty-shaped cookie sets. The truck will be open only on Saturday between 10 AM and 7 PM. However, it’s known for selling out quickly, so you may want to arrive earlier. Only credit and debit cards will be accepted.


Damare Baker
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