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Rest in Peace and Run Wild Forever, Maryland Zebra

One of the famously evasive zebras has died in Prince George's County; two others remain at large.

Image via iStock.

One of Maryland’s three runaway zebras was discovered dead in a snare trap on September 16, reports the Washington Post. The zebras have evaded capture—while capturing our hearts—since they broke free from an Upper Marlboro farm on August 31.

The deceased zebra was found when the Maryland Department of Natural Resources’ police force responded to a report regarding a dead animal. Instead of happening upon the typical forest creature, officers discovered the zebra caught in a snare trap. Such traps are outlawed in Maryland. The zebra’s death was announced on Thursday, almost a month after it happened.

In another bizarre twist to an already odd tale, it turns out the escapees were only a trio of zebras rather than the quintet officials originally reported. (Regardless of exact numbers, a group of zebras is called a zeal or a dazzle.) The zeal in all their wild and whimsical glory have inspired Twitter accounts, t-shirts, and future Halloween costumes.

Rest in peace to our beloved zebra: May you run free forever. The other two zebras remain at large.

Daniella Byck
Lifestyle Editor

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