Halloween Is BACK: Celebrate With a Pumpkin Keg

Use your gourd this Halloween.

Halloween kind of sucked last year, right? And this year pretty much stunk as well. But maybe things will turn around on Sunday with our first post-vax Halloween. If you’re hosting, or just bringing something to a friend’s house, try this pumpkin keg as a way to dispense beers. They’re simple to make and no one will ever forget the person who shows up with a pumpkin keg. We adapted the monster pumpkin keg Andy Farrell demonstrated for Washingtonian back in 2014 for more intimate gatherings.

You’ll need

  • A pumpkin (choose one that looks like it could hold a few beers)
  • Something to carve it with (a specialty pumpkin knife is dandy but a regular knife will work fine)
  • A spoon to scoop out the guts
  • A spigot like this $10 one from Amazon
  • A marker or pencil
  • A candle for if things go badly

How to make your pumpkin keg

  • Using your knife, cut the top off the pumpkin and scoop out the insides. Make sure to remove all the strings and seeds and gross stuff.
  • Take a pencil or marker and trace the circumference of your spigot about three quarters of the way down the pumpkin. If your spigot comes with rubber washers, put one on either side to prevent leaks.
  • Carefully cut the hole for the faucet using your knife. Push the faucet through. It’s better to cut it too small and enlarge it gradually, but if you make the hole too big all is not lost: Insert the faucet in your pumpkin, light your candle, and drip wax around the faucet stem to keep it from leaking.
  • Fill your pumpkin keg with beer. Replace the top, pour, and enjoy!

Video by Andrew Beaujon, Rosa Cartagena, Jessica Sidman, and Anna Spiegel.