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Far-Right Group Patriot Front Marched Down the Mall on Saturday Night

Videos show masked people marching from the Lincoln Memorial toward the Capitol

Members of the far-right hate group Patriot Front marched in DC on Saturday night. Screenshot from Twitter user AndreaMcCarren.

More than 100 members of the white nationalist hate group Patriot Front marched on the National Mall on Saturday evening. The group donned a uniform of khakis, blue jackets, and tan hats. Their faces were obscured by sunglasses and white masks that covered their noses and mouths. Some carried American flags, others a banner that read “reclaim America.” Those on the outer flanks of the procession were equipped with shields.

The group marched from the Lincoln Memorial down the Mall toward the Capitol building. Later, they ended up around Arlington Memorial Bridge, according to The Daily Beast, and some apparently became temporarily stranded when they could not all fit into their rented U-Hauls.

This video supposedly shows members of Patriot Front being chased by teenagers after they could not fit into their rented trucks. The video contains explicit language.