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The Fugitive Maryland Zebras Have Been Found

The two remaining zebras are now safe and sound.

Photograph by joeygil, via iStock/Getty Images.

After months of fascinating the DC area, the fugitive Maryland Zebra Saga has come to an end. The two zebras who have run away from a farm near Upper Marlboro have been found and captured, WUSA9 reports.

The US Department of Agriculture and Prince George’s County government has not disclosed where the zebras are currently located, but more information will be released in the coming hours.

The animals have been on the loose since late August they escaped from Jerry Lee Holly’s private farm. Since then, the owner and officials had been trying to lure them into a temporary corral with no success. In October, the Maryland reported that a member of the zeal was found dead in an illegal snare trap near the farm.

While it is not clear who set the trap, Holly has been charged with animal cruelty. According to court records obtained by┬áDCist, the charges were related to the deceased zebra that was caught in the trap, and another dead zebra that was discovered on the property. Additionally, Holly’s exotic animal breeding business had been cited by the U.S. Department of Agriculture for more than 100 violations of the Animal Welfare Act.

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