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The Best (and Worst) Reactions to the Washington Football Team’s New Name

People REALLY don't like the Commanders.

Photograph courtesy of the Washington Commanders.

After 18 months of anticipation, the artist formerly known as the Washington Football Team officially announced its new name: the Commanders. Woooo? Many fans were underwhelmed at best, and no one—not even the President of the United States—felt shy about sharing their opinions with the world. 

A lot of the criticism focused on the name being a total snooze.

Though after decades of turmoil, lawsuits, and accusations of racism under the Redskins moniker, maybe a boring name is what Washington football needs? Or maybe not.

There was, of course, lots of Commies chatter.

And talking of going commando (the answer is always no, please don’t).

Yeah. It’s pretty dumb.

And maybe a cheap ripoff of other, more worthy commanders. Though, come to think of it, Cap’n Crunch is an EXCELLENT nickname for Dan Snyder.

Although many fans have a bone to pick with the new branding, some are pleased with the new name—auto-generation aside. 

Maybe it’ll grow on all of us?

Here to give the benefit of the doubt and reach across that bipartisan naming aisle: President Biden, owner of the OG Commander.

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