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The Capitol Hill Fox’s Babies Have Been Euthanized

DC Health said the kits could have contracted rabies from their mother.

Photo by US Capitol Police.

Tuesday, a red fox on Capitol Hill was captured after biting a total of nine people, including Rep. Ami Bera and Politico reporter Ximena Bustillo. The fox, who was euthanized, later tested positive for the rabies virus. Now comes word from DC Health that the three kits (or baby foxes) which were recovered from her den have also been euthanized.

“Since the mother tested positive for the rabies virus and the kits could have been exposed during grooming or other means, they were no longer able to be safely rehabilitated and were humanely euthanized,” the department said in an email.

The only way to test for rabies is through a sample of brain tissue, which is why the mother fox had to be euthanized before she was tested.





Jessica Ruf
Assistant Editor