Nancy Pelosi: Please Check Out These DC Hot Dog Spots

The politician recently divulged her favorite workday lunch: hot dogs.

Franks at Haute Dogs and Fries. Photograph by Scott Suchman

Yesterday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced she’ll step down from leading House Democrats. Pelosi, who joined Congress in 1987, became the first woman to serve as House Speaker in 2007. She regained the position in 2019. 

What did Pelosi do after announcing her departure? Go eat her daily lunch of a hot dog with mustard and relish, of course. Though Pelosi will remain in Congress, she’ll likely have more time on her hands now. What better way to use it than to embark on a hot dog tour of the District?

We rounded up some spots around DC Pelosi could try:

Sami’s Hot Dog Cart
770 Maryland Ave. SW 
Right by L’Enfant Plaza and within walking distance of several Smithsonian museums, Pelosi could grab a no-frills dog from Sami’s Hot Dog Cart during a quick lunch break. (And maybe squeeze in some culture before heading back to Capitol Hill.)

Ben’s Chili Bowl
Multiple locations
For a heartier lunch, DC institution Ben’s Chili Bowl has been serving chili half-smokes since 1958. Bonus: There are multiple outposts around the DC area, so Pelosi could go on a Ben’s tour around the District. 

Haute Dogs and Fries
610 Montgomery St., Alexandria; 1500 S Capitol St. SE
Haute Dogs offers a wide array of hot dogs, but we like to think Pelosi would show some love to her home-away-from-home via the DC dog, which comes with mustard, BBQ sauce, blue cheese, chopped onion, and dill pickles. 

Ivy and Coney
1537 7th St. NW
Ivy and Coney serves a Chicago dog, Coney Dog, and Double Dog – aka when you order two of either dogs. Extra points if you spot Pelosi eating one while posted up at the bar watching a game. 

The Brat Mobile: HipCityVeg Plant-Based Hot Dog Cart
1201 Half St. SE, Suite 130; 1250 Half St. SE
HipCityVeg partnered with Beyond Meat this June to launch a plant-based hot dog cart. The cart is open in front of the Half Street location on game days and wheeled to the Half Street Central Farmer’s Market on Saturdays. Though we can’t speak with authority about Pelosi’s thoughts on plant-based meat, it might be a good idea to swap out all those old-school dogs with another option. 

Swizzler Foods 
1259 First St. SE
This Navy Yard spot serves a classic hot dog, as well as a signature hot dog with onion, candied jalapeños, and a secret signature sauce on a brioche bun. And, to top it off, it’s only a 20-minute walk from Capitol Hill.

Meats and Foods
247 Florida Ave. NW
This spot’s “grilled sausages in a bun” section has a lot to choose from—half-smokes, chorizo sausages, veggie sausages, and chicken-dogs are all on the menu. You can also purchase sausages to-go and take them home, which means, yes, Pelosi could bring these back to San Francisco—because hot dog lunches shouldn’t just be a DC thing.

Katie Kenny
Editorial Fellow