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PHOTOS: Supporters Rally for Ukraine on the Anniversary of the Russian Invasion

People showed up to a candlelight vigil at the Russian Embassy and a rally at the Lincoln Memorial this weekend.

Supporters of Ukraine gathered for a candlelight vigil to mark the one-year anniversary of Russia's invasion.

Friday, February 24, marked one year since Russia launched a full-scale invasion into Ukraine. Cities continue to be under fire, with many destroyed, and despite Ukraine regaining some territory late last year, the outlook continues to be grim. Estimates for casualties on both sides vary widely, but Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Mark Miley publicly has estimated that at least 100,000 soldiers on each side have died. The Norwegian Chief of Defense Eirik Kristoffersen has estimated at least 30,000 Ukrainian civilian deaths as well.

To commemorate the one-year anniversary, a coalition of Ukrainian organizations came together for a candlelight vigil at the Russian Embassy on Friday, and a rally at the Lincoln Memorial on Saturday. At the candlelight vigil, members and supporters of the Ukrainian community stood while a Ukrainian flag was projected onto the embassy with the words “Stop Your War Against Ukraine.”

Hundreds of people gathered for the rally at the Lincoln Memorial, many holding flags and sunflowers, Ukraine’s national flower. After the rally, US Ukrainian Activists (USUA) organized a march down the National Mall, past the White House and toward the Russian Ambassador’s residence on 16th Street. USUA was created after the initial Russian invasion in 2014 and has held a rally in front of the White House in Lafayette Square every day since February 24, 2022.

Here are some photos of this weekend’s events.

Russians who support Ukraine took part in a candlelight vigil on Friday, February 24.

Nika Kholyaznykova, who is 4 years old, moved here from Mykolaiv City, Ukraine, and is now living in Fairfax.

Rally-goers read Lincoln’s Second Inaugural Address, etched in a wall of the memorial. The speech was given a month before the Civil War was declared over in 1865.



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