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What We’ll Miss (or Won’t Miss) About Foxtrot

DC's high-end snack depot closed down without warning Tuesday.

Photograph by Omega Ilijevich.

Foxtrot markets, which closed without warning Tuesday, spread, Tatte-like, throughout the DC region after the chain’s 2021 debut in Georgetown. We asked staffers about their Foxtrot memories, the only premium snacks still available:

Caroline Frentz, social media producer:

“I will deeply miss their sour gummy snack mixes.”

Daniella Byck, lifestyle editor:

“Honestly, I owe my life to Foxtrot smoothies, always ordered after exclaiming, ‘It’s 3 PM already?!’ You have revived me from many a dark, hangry place, protecting my coworkers from knowing my true churlish nature. Now I fear nothing can save them!!!!”

Sylvie McNamara, staff writer:

“I once had a fight with my husband about a $40 bottle of non-alcoholic spirits purchased at the Georgetown Foxtrot. I believe he called it a “boondoggle.” I enjoyed my drinks very much and maintain that I was right.”

Arya Hodjat, editorial fellow:

“It was the only place around me to carry tall boys of Narragansett, so my Fridays just got a lot lamer.”

Jessica Ruf, assistant editor:

“I always thought their delivery trucks were a bit funny because the letters on them were jumbled in a way that it looked like ‘FOX ROT.'”

Photograph by Jessica Ruf.

Omega Ilijevich, editorial fellow:

“Okay, I actually did always think about going in, but never did. It looked so bright and trendy on the inside that I assumed it must be expensive.”

Jacob Raim, senior director of digital:

“I went once and was frustrated they poured hot coffee over ice for their iced coffee. And my ice melted before I got out of the store.”

Andrew Beaujon, senior editor:

“I went in one once but I couldn’t figure out how much a sandwich cost, so I left. Now I’ll never know if I made a mistake.”

Ike Allen, assistant editor:

“Moving back to DC in 2023 was the first time I’d ever heard of Tatte or Foxtrot. And I never actually made it into a Foxtrot. So for me this is ‘so long Foxtrot, we hardly knew ye.'”

Anna Marina Savvidis, photo director:

“When I heard Foxtrot was closing, I thought, ‘What is Foxtrot,’ so I don’t think I will miss it too much.”

Jessica Sidman, food editor:

“Honestly? Nothing. There are much better locally owned gourmet bodegas in DC: Odd Provisions in Columbia Heights, Each Peach and Nido in Mount Pleasant, Sara’s Market in Georgetown, to name a few.”