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Photograph by Maridav via iStock.

Slow-Paced Bike Ride

November 23; 1537 7th St., NW

DC's One Love Massive is hosting the DC Slow Roll to support the local biking community. The ride is purposefully at a slower pace, but bring your bike, helmet, water, and light. Register online. Free; 7 PM.

North Face Mountain Training Athletics

Stanton Park, November 24; Dupont Circle, November 26

Join two North Face trainers for workouts aimed at strengthening you for your outdoor goals. Train to finish an endurance challenge, ski stronger, or hit the summit. Register online for the November 24 or November 26 sessions. Free, 6:30 PM.

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Ambitious Athletics owner Carmen Sturniolo demonstrates good posture. Photography by Angie Hilsman.

Perfect posture—which enhances blood flow, breathing, and movement to name a few perks— is a hard feat, especially with a desk job and limited exercise. Endless sitting reinforces an internal rotation—when your extremities start to curl in towards your center—mainly because only the frontside muscles are being used. "Working the muscles we can't see will help the muscles we can see," says Carmen Sturniolo, owner of Ambitious Athletics. Use his five tips to help your posture.

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Plus nutrition for runners and an introduction to road cycling. By Angie Hilsman
Photograph by Antonio_Diaz via iStock

Panel Discussion: How to Beast Your First Ironman

November 16, Tenley-Friendship Library

Considering an Ironman or half-Ironman triathlon? Sit in on this panel discussion, hosted by DC Triathlon Club, to find out what you can expect for long-course triathlon. Experienced triathlon club members will field questions on training, lifestyle, and coaching. Free, 7 PM.

Morning Yoga and Recess

November 17, Penn Social

Join WithLoveDC bright-and-early for a morning recess! Enjoy yoga, kickball, jump rope, and more for a minimum $6 donation. 6 AM.

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Get fit and give back with these 19 local races. By Ryan Weisser
Photograph by Halfpoint/iStock.

Washington, DC

The 2015 Greater Washington Heart Walk

If you’re not up for running a race, but still want to give back to your community, a charity walk is a good option. The American Heart Association holds this national walk every year, and you can register as an individual participant or get a group together to fundraise. Money raised through donations goes to the AHA for heart health and disease research, education, and support. November 7, 8:30 a.m.; National Mall.

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Group exercise leader Gitanjali Borkar starts an incline pushup. Photography and gifs by Angie Hilsman

With cold weather, holiday meals, and nonstop traveling threatening your summer bod, it might be time to rethink your workout routine. Bodyweight training uses only the weight of your body—no machines, weights, or tools—to tone and strengthen. "It's something anyone can do with a little bit of time and a little bit of space," says local group exercise leader Gitanjali Borkar.

Although having led group exercise for 12 years, Borkar only recently got into bodyweight training and began hosting her own free bodyweight training classes. "It's kind of my rebellion against these excessive, trendy workouts," she says. “If there’s a ledge or a textbook or steps, use them."

Here are her tips for building your own bodyweight workout.

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This DC running coach focuses on training and simplicity. By Angie Hilsman
Photo via m-gucci/ iStock

October is a big month for runners in the District. The Army Ten-Miler just passed, and the Marine Corps Marathon happens on October 25. We talked to running coach Mike Hamberger to find out exactly how to prep within 24 hours of start time. The answer may disappoint anyone hoping for a complex ritual: "Keep it simple, stupid," he says.

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Last-minute fun runs and 5Ks to do this weekend. By Ryan Weisser
Photograph by IVY PHOTOS/

Registering for popular fall races is no easy task. Luckily, there are plenty of fun runs and 5Ks this Labor Day weekend that are extending their registration periods or offering race-day registration packages.

1. Color Vibe 5K

September 5, RFK Stadium

Color runs tend to fill up fast, so hustle and register for this 5K as soon as possible. There's a today-only registration offer of $30 for individual runners that ends at midnight—after that, you're looking at a steep price hike up to $65 and $75.

For more specifics about race day, go to

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(Above) A proper pushup. Photography and graphics by Angie Hilsman.

Pushups, when done correctly, are a great full-body exercise. The pectoral, shoulders, triceps, abs, and butt should all be activated during a proper pushup, says Carmen Sturniolo, owner of Ambitious Athletics. Here are the six most common mistakes he sees among his clients, and tips to get your pushup in tip-top form.

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Photo via Shutterstock

Country-music singer Brandi Carlile performs tonight at Wolf Trap, but she'll be sticking around Washington this weekend—in spirit, at least—when her Fight the Fear campaign sponsors a free self-defense workshop Saturday at the Calvary Baptist Church on 8th St., Northwest.

The class will be led with local anti-harassment group Defend Yourself, which teaches church groups, students, and corporate audiences skills for stopping harassment, assault, and abuse.

"I believe that every issue that gets us closer to justice and equality is important, and for me, you have to start with the body," says the group's founder, Lauren Taylor. "If you can't feel safe in your own body, it's hard to move forward with anything else."

Taylor promotes the holistic side of self-defense, and recommends six techniques to practice at home.

"Physical defense and physical strikes are only one part of what it is," Taylor says. "We deal with everything from prevention and avoidance, understanding where the risks lie, to lots of things that come under the heading of verbal self-defense, whether that's assertiveness and boundary-setting or de-escalation."

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FlyBarre instructor Marisa Workman shares intense moves for a stronger core and defined abs. By Ryan Weisser, Angie Hilsman
Photograph by Angie Hilsman.

If these hot temps don’t have you sweating, this barre routine will. Focusing on the abdominals, FlyBarre instructor Marisa Workman walks us through five exercises that will tighten up and tone your core.

Each sequence aims for total muscle “fatigue.” Basically, you go through each movement, or pulse, and hold each position until your muscles begin shaking. The shaking tells your body that you’ve reached muscle fatigue.

And repeat.

“Isolating every muscle group and working it to fatigue is what’s going to get you toned to look fit without flexing,” Workman said.

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