Kliman Contest: Nominate Your Favorite Restaurant Employee

Show your favorite dining-world staffer some love; win the “Cakelove” breakfast book.

Kliman Online regulars know well that we’ve been doing contests the past couple of months. Chatters submit writeups about the topic of the week; Todd picks the one he likes best; we send that winner a book. So far these contests have been going great, with lots of funny, smart, thoughtful contributions livening up the conversation.

Last week, however, we had a dud. We asked you to nominate your favorite unsung dining-world heroes: favorite bartenders, hosts/hostesses, busboys–all those hardworking people who help restaurants run well but rarely get the spotlight. Questions poured in for the chat, but none of them had to do with the contest. We can’t believe that’s because you don’t have favorite service-industry folks you want to nominate, so let’s try this again: This morning, beginning at 11 AM, head over to the chat and name your favorite dining-world hero. Don’t just tell us who, tell us why, too. The winner will get a shiny new copy of Warren Brown’s Cakelove in the Morning.

PS: Speaking of Todd, he’s going to be on the Kojo Nnamdi Show this Wednesday. Tune in to WAMU at noon to hear him talk wine.


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