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20 Fabulous Singles: Daniel Brindley
They’re smart, funny, successful, and available—for now By Ann Limpert, Garrett M. Graff
Comments () | Published July 1, 2006

Daniel Brindley, 27

Job: Co-owner of Jammin’ Java, a music club/coffeehouse in Vienna; singer, bassist, and keyboardist in the Brindley Brothers. Education: BA in music from Rutgers. Hometown: Montclair, New Jersey. Now lives in Fairfax. What are you looking for in a mate? I need beauty inside and out. Someone who doesn’t pretend that life is simple or easy—that it works itself out like a Hollywood movie. When I find a girl, I will help her become a better person, and she will do the same for me. Deal breakers: People with no edge or no direction. Coolest thing you’ve done in the last year: I caught Slash’s guitar pick when he threw it into a crowd at a Velvet Revolver show. Hidden talents: I’m such a music geek that most people don’t know that I had the option of playing baseball in college. I still love going to the batting cages. How would you spend a lazy Sunday? I usually spend Sundays recovering from Saturday night.


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