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There are lawyer weddings, and then there are . . . big lawyer weddings. By Kim Eisler
Comments () | Published October 1, 2006
When Cecily Baskir, then an associate in the Washington office of Holland & Knight, married Arnold & Porter partner John Freedman, the popular legal blog took notice, proclaiming them “one helluva couple.”

Baskir is the daughter of Washington’s reigning divorce doyenne, Marna Tucker. Her father is federal judge Lawrence Baskir, who attended Harvard Law. She has a law degree from Yale; Freedman’s is from Harvard.

While Baskir’s mother is one of the nation’s leading divorce lawyers, Freedman’s mother is Gladys Arak, a prominent psychiatrist in Baltimore. His father is Matthew Freedman, a professor of oncology at Georgetown University Medical Center.

So what does a famous divorce lawyer tell her child about how to have a successful marriage?

“I just told her,” says Tucker with a laugh, “to try to marry someone as close to what your father is as possible—and she did.”


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