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Redskins Legends: Where Are They When We Need Them?
Vincent Ricardel talks about his experience photographing legendary Redskins players in this audio slideshow. Scroll down for extended interviews with Redskins players like Art Monk, Dexter Manley and more. By Mary Clare Glover
Comments () | Published September 26, 2008

Redskins Legends Audio Slideshow on Vimeo.Art Monk
Hall of Fame wide receiver, 1980 to 1993. Monk, who lives in Great Falls, is a cofounder of Alliant Merchant Services, a credit-card-processing company, with former teammate Charles Mann. He also cofounded the Good Samaritan Foundation, which mentors inner-city kids, in 1992 with Mann and ex-Skins Tim Johnson and Earnest Byner.

Whom do you most respect?
Charles Mann, Darrell Green, Tim Johnson, Monte Coleman. Those guys were great players and conducted themselves as men of integrity. They worked hard, played hard, practiced hard. But their priorities were first in their relationship with the Lord and their families.

Most memorable moment?
We were playing the Cardinals in a home game. I was going out for a long pass, I had my defender beat, and I dropped the ball. It would have been a touchdown. Out of frustration, I fell to the ground and lay there for a couple of minutes. The whole stadium got quiet. You could hear a pin drop.

When I got up, the crowd erupted in applause. That did something to me as far as my appreciation for the fans and the people that live in this community.

What accomplishment are you most proud of?
Being a part of a team that was committed not just to the game but to each other. Coach [Joe] Gibbs built a very unique environment on our team. We were individuals but we didn’t play like individuals—we all played as part of each other.
What did you learn playing football?
Self-discipline, motivation, being on time, conducting yourself in a way that represents your organization.
But the most important thing I learned is that football isn’t everything. All the awards, all the Super Bowl games—those are great, but that is not what defines me. What defines me is my relationship with Christ.

Is there a loss or heartbreaking moment that stands out in your mind?
Having to leave the Redskins and go play for another team—that was very disappointing and frustrating.

Favorite current player?
Jason Campbell has a real good head on his shoulders. His personality is where the rest of the team needs to be.

Advice for a rookie?
Your college days are over. Although you are still playing a game, it is now a job.

How would you make the Redskins winners again?
Strong defense and a very explosive offense. It’s easier said than done.


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