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Who’s Most Generous?

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Among area jurisdictions, Prince George’s County has the biggest heart.

According to an Urban Institute analysis of IRS returns from 2005 (the latest year available), Prince George’s County residents who filed itemized tax returns gave away 6.2 percent of their income. That’s almost twice the national average of 3.3 percent and significantly more than any other area jurisdiction.

Residents of the District gave away 4.5 percent of their income, according to the analysis. Suburban Maryland residents gave away 3.6 percent, while in Northern Virginia, the figure was 2.6 percent. Philanthropy experts and nonprofit officials suggest giving was highest in PG and DC because of a tradition of tithing to the many strong religious institutions in those areas.


County/City Total Giving Average Gift^ Giving as % of Income*
Prince George’s $941 million $4,879 6.2%
District of Columbia 694 million 6,871 4.5%
Montgomery 1.1 billion 5,073 3.0%
Anne Arundel 409 million 3,523 2.9%
Alexandria 124 million 4,293 2.8%
Fairfax City 41 million 4,202 2.8%
Howard 262 million 3,931 2.8%
Manassas 23 million 2,971 2.8%
Prince William 238 million 3,124 2.8%
Fairfax 1.1 billion 4,596 2.7%
Falls Church 16 million 4,325 2.6%
Arlington 171 million 4,057 2.5%
Loudoun 227 million 3,538 2.3%

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