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2009 Washingtonian Guide to Private Schools: Boarding Schools


St. Albans School,  Mount St. Alban, Massachusetts and Wisconsin aves., NW; 202-537-6435; boys 4th–12th grades; $32,990 (day), $46,667 (boarding, 9th–12th grades); 570 students.

What’s new: The school recently completed construction of additional upper-school classroom space.

Colleges where the greatest number of 2009 graduates enrolled: Yale University, University of Virginia, Princeton University, and Georgetown University.


Garrison Forest School, 300 Garrison Forest Rd., Owings Mills; 410-363-1500; coed preschool and K, girls pre-1st–12th grades; $20,495–$22,560 (day), $31,830 (regional boarding), $39,660 (boarding); 683 students.

What’s new: A Middle Eastern–culture course in the upper school; the James Center for Public Purpose Partnerships, affiliated with the Bloomberg School of Public Health; a program called Women in Science and Engineering, which is offered in partnership with the Johns Hopkins University.

Recent accomplishments: Garrison Forrest won the 2009 National Interscholastic Polo Tournament championship. The school is celebrating its centennial.

Colleges where the greatest number of 2009 graduates enrolled: University of Virginia and University of Maryland.

Georgetown Preparatory School, 10900 Rockville Pike, North Bethesda; 301-493-5000; boys 9th–12th grades; $25,650 (day), $44,000 (boarding); 475 students.

What’s new: Last year the school started a poetry class for seniors, and in January 2010 the school is opening a new $31-million academic center, complete with a new library, recreation spaces, and classrooms.

Recent accomplishments: Georgetown Prep’s AP calculus scores are the highest in the country for private high schools with 300 to 800 students.

Colleges where the greatest number of 2009 graduates enrolled: Georgetown University, Boston College, and University of Virginia.

McDonogh School, 8600 McDonogh Rd., Owings Mills; 410-581-4719; $20,230–$22,520; 1,314 students.

Recent accomplishment: McDonogh School exceeded its 2008–09 giving goal of $1.6 million.

Oldfields School, 1500 Glencoe Rd., Glencoe; 410-472-4800; girls 6th grade to postgraduate; $28,800 (day), $40,100 (five-day boarding), $42,100 (seven-day boarding); 150 students.

What’s new: Oldfields is opening a middle school for 2010–11.

Recent accomplishments: Increased enrollment and new student Eco-Teams to help recycling and composting at school.

Sandy Spring Friends School, 16923 Norwood Rd., Sandy Spring; 301-774-7455; pre-K through 12th grade; $19,500–$25,600 (day), $36,600 (five-day boarding), $44,900 (seven-day boarding); 558 students.

Colleges where the greatest number of 2009 graduates enrolled: University of Maryland, Guilford College, St. Mary’s College of Maryland, and University of Vermont.

Saint James School, 17641 College Rd., St. James; 301-733-9330; 8th–12th grades; $22,900 (day), $34,600 (boarding); 233 students.

What’s new: A renovated student center, new baseball and lacrosse fields, and a new driving range.

Recent accomplishments: Students are performing with the Maryland and West Virginia symphonies; the school choir performed at the Kennedy Center this spring.

College where the greatest number of 2009 graduates enrolled: Davidson College.
St. Timothy’s School, 8400 Greenspring Ave., Stevenson; 410-486-7400; girls 9th–12th grade; $25,000 (day), $43,000 (boarding); 157 students.

West Nottingham Academy, 1079 Firetower Rd., Colora; 410-658-5556; 9th–12th grade and postgraduate; $19,350 (day), $37,400 (boarding); Chesapeake Learning Center for learning differences (an additional $8,100); 116 students.

Yeshiva of Greater Washington, 2010 Linden La., Silver Spring; 301-962-5111; Orthodox; 7th–12th grades; $15,225 (7th and 8th grades), $17,500 (9th–12th); $21,750 (9th–12th with boarding); 185 students.


Blue Ridge School, 273 Mayo Dr., St. George; 434-985-2811; boarding only; boys 9th–12th grades; $36,000; 195 students.

What’s new: The school appointed a new headmaster in 2009, John O’Reilly.

Colleges where the greatest number of 2009 graduates enrolled: University of Virginia, Hampden-Sydney College, and College of William & Mary.

Chatham Hall, 800 Chatham Hall Cir., Chatham; 434-432-2941; girls 9th–12th grades; $16,500 (day), $38,000 (boarding); 130 students.

What’s new: Chatham Hall has completed construction of a state-of-the-art lecture hall, which houses the school’s Leaders-in-Residence program. The program brings influential women of international stature to campus to interact with students in class, in small-group discussions, over meals, and in the lecture hall. Participants have included former prime minister of Pakistan Benazir Bhutto and Liberian president Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf. In spring 2009, Bandaranaike Kumaratunga, the first woman president of Sri Lanka, visited Chatham Hall.

Recent accomplishments: This past spring, students journeyed to South Africa for the third consecutive year to continue the school’s annual service project working with children in the Lawrencia Primary School and developing land in townships in partnership with Soil for Life. A fourth trip is planned in 2010.

Colleges where the greatest number of 2009 graduates enrolled
: Georgetown University, Duke University, College of William & Mary, Boston College, Dartmouth College, Cornell University, Savannah College of Art & Design, University of Virginia, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and Virginia Tech.
Christchurch School, 49 Seahorse La., Christchurch; 804-758-2306; 9th–12th grades and postgraduate; boys boarding school, coed day school; $16,850 (day), $39,850 (boarding); 195 students.

What’s new: “Great journeys begin at the river” initiative, a new curriculum for teaching 21st century skills, focusing on the Chesapeake Bay watershed area.

Recent accomplishment: The sailing team is ranked in the nation’s top ten.

Colleges where the greatest number of 2009 graduates enrolled: College of William & Mary, University of Mary Washington, Syracuse University, Virginia Tech, and Hampden Sydney.

Episcopal High School, 1200 N. Quaker La., Alexandria; 703-933-3000; 9th–12th grades boarding; $42,000; 435 students.

What’s new: In spring 2009, the school started construction on a new athletics facility, set to be completed in 2010.

Colleges where the greatest number of 2009 graduates enrolled: University of Virginia, University of North Carolina, Washington and Lee University, and Davidson College.

Fishburne Military School, 225 S. Wayne Ave., Waynesboro; 800-946-7773; boys 7th–12th grades; $9,500 (day), $26,000 (boarding); 150 students.

Recent accomplishments: The school recently renovated its mess hall and cadet rooms and has had a 100-percent college acceptance rate for the last six years.

Fork Union Military Academy, 4744 James Madison Hwy., Fork Union; 800-462-3862; Christian; boys 6th–12th grade, postgraduate; $31,050 (boarding, including uniforms), $21,000 (day, including uniforms); 500 students.

Recent accomplishments: Fork Union’s class of 2009 boasted 20 honor graduates, and the school recently developed an ESL language program.

Colleges where the greatest number of 2009 graduates enrolled: James Madison University, George Mason University, US military academies, Randolph Macon College, and Virginia Tech.

Foxcroft School, 22407 Foxhound La., Middleburg; 540-687-5555; girls 9th–12th grade; $31,480 (day), $41,974 (boarding); 185 students;

What’s new: A $14-million athletic/student center with three gyms, a rock-climbing wall, indoor running track, and state-of-the-art fitness training room—as well as a student lounge with a fireplace, dance studio, kitchen, meeting rooms, and more. New courses include Chinese (Mandarin) I and II; AP microeconomics, which together with AP macroeconomics is a full-year course; and science electives on the chemistry of food and human nutrition. Also, the indoor and outdoor riding facilities have new footings.

Recent accomplishment
: The Foxcroft Summer Science Research Institute, an intensive six-week program in molecular-biology lab techniques and research projects, debuted with two groups of students successfully investigating different aspects of a University of Virginia professor’s research project on direct delivery of drugs in humans. Foxcroft also won Delaney Athletic Conference championships in field hockey and lacrosse and the Tri-State Equitation League championship.

Colleges where the greatest number of 2009 graduates enrolled: Virginia Tech, James Madison, University of Mississippi, and Brown University.

Hargrave Military Academy, 200 Military Dr., Chatham; 434-432-2481; boarding only; boys 7th–12th grade, postgraduate; $12,000 (day), $29,500 (boarding), $31,350 (non-US boarding); 325 students;

Recent accomplishment: The class of 2009 was Hargrave’s 100th graduating class.

Colleges where the greatest number of 2009 graduates enrolled: University of Alabama, Virginia Tech, and Indiana University.

Madeira School, 8328 Georgetown Pike, McLean; 703-556-8200; girls 9th–12th grade; $35,050 (day), $46,160 (boarding); 313 students;

What’s new: Internships throughout Washington as part of the school’s co-curriculum program. Sophomores intern at a social-service agency. Juniors intern in the office of a representative or senator. Seniors intern in the workplace of their dreams.

Colleges where the greatest number of 2009 graduates enrolled: University of Virginia, New York University, Emory University, Georgetown University, and Boston University.

Massanutten Military Academy, 614 S. Main St., Woodstock; 540-459-2167; 7th–12th grade, postgraduate; $25,000 (boarding); 170 students;

What’s new: Co-curricular programs in the fine arts have been added, including choral music, theater, and string instruments. Private lessons are also available. AP classes have been added.

Recent accomplishment: A battalion commander was appointed to the Naval Academy, and the school has a 100-percent college-acceptance rate.
Miller School of Albemarle, 1000 Samuel Miller Loop, Charlottesville; 434-823-4805; 8th–12th grade and postgraduate; $31,200 (five-day boarding), $34,200 (seven-day boarding), $39,950 (international), $14,950 (day); 140 students.

What’s new: Science and photography departments.

Colleges where the greatest number of 2009 graduates enrolled: University of Virginia, University of Mary Washington, James Madison University, George Mason University, and Rhode Island School of Art and Design.

Randolph-Macon Academy, 200 Academy Dr., Front Royal; 540-636-5200; 6th–12th grade and postgraduate; $12,500–$14,300 (day), $27,000–$28,650 (boarding), $34,100 (international); 10-percent discount for Methodists; 370 students.

What’s new: The school has a new studio-art course, and a state-of-the-art academic building opened in spring 2009.

Recent accomplishments: The Air Force Junior ROTC program was recently awarded a Distinguished Unit With Merit award.

College where the greatest number of 2009 graduates enrolled: The Citadel.

St. Anne’s–Belfield School, 2132 Ivy Rd., Charlottesville; 434-296-5106; preschool–12th grade; $9,175 (preschool and half-day kindergarten), $13,625 (full-day kindergarten), $15,975–$19,800 (grades 1–12), $12,750 additional for five-day boarding, $21,750 additional for seven-day boarding; 821 students.

What’s new: In the fall of 2010, the school is opening a $26-million academic learning village, which will be the home for the school’s pre-K through 8th grade students.

St. Margaret’s School, 444 Water La., Tappahannock; 804-443-3357; girls 8th–12th grades; $16,000 (day), $40,000 (boarding); 130 students.

Virginia Episcopal School, 400 VES Rd., Lynchburg; 434-385-3607; 9th–12th grades; $18,850 (day), $28,035 (five-day boarding), $37,275 (boarding); 185 students. 

Recent accomplishment: The glee club was invited to participate in the 3rd Annual Choral Festival in London and perform under three esteemed British choir directors.

Colleges where the greatest number of 2009 graduates enrolled: University of Virginia and University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.
Woodberry Forest School, 898 Woodberry Forest Rd., Woodberry Forest; 540-672-3900; boys 9th–12th grades; $41,000; 400 students.

What’s new: The school recently started an exchange program with boarding schools in South Africa and a digital-filmmaking course taught by a Sundance Film Festival director.

Recent accomplishment: The class of 2009 received more than $500,000 in merit scholarships.

Colleges where the greatest number of 2009 graduates enrolled: University of Virginia, Wofford College, and University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.


Mercersburg Academy, 300 E. Seminary St., Mercersburg; 717-328-6173; coed 9th–12th grades and postgraduate; $32,750 (day), $42,900 (boarding); 430 students.

What’s new: There’s a new state-of-the-art field, and planning is under way for expansion of the athletic center.

Recent accomplishments: The most recent valedictorian was accepted on full scholarship to Georgetown, Colby, Harvard, Princeton, Smith, Stanford, and Wellesley. Forty-three percent of the graduating class were admitted to colleges and universities classified as “most competitive” by Barron’s Profiles of American Colleges.

Colleges where the greatest number of 2008 graduates enrolled: US Naval Academy, University of Richmond, University of Pennsylvania, and Yale University.

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