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Listen Up! brings you songs of bands and performers coming through town in the next week. Listen up, then go check them out live.

This playlist is no longer available. 

Tuesday, May 6
• Hailing from Minneapolis, These Modern Socks—a quintet known for dressing up in dapper ’70s suits when performing—crafts whimsical indie pop tunes that resonate in your head without overstaying their welcome. The band plays tonight at the Red and the Black.

Wednesday, May 7
• Wikipedia warns against confusing the Teenagers with the American ’50s doo-wop band. As if. We know our naughty French synth-pop bands, thank you very much. The trio performs at the Black Cat with Team Robespierre opening.

Thursday, May 8
Do You Like Rock Music? asks the latest CD by UK band British Sea Power. Yes, we do. We also like the band’s album. Well, mostly like. British Sea Power, currently touring the East Coast, is at the Black Cat with the Rosebuds and Jeffrey Lewis.

Monday, May 12
• We enjoy the Black Keys not only because of the duo’s bluesy sound but because we can empathize with the guys—after all, who, at some point, hasn’t had to deal with the brand of crazy the guys describe in “Psychotic Girl”? The band’s show at the 9:30 Club is sold out, but you might have luck scoring tickets on Craigslist.

• Folksinger Peter Case, who in addition to making music is also an avid blogger, performs at Iota. Check out the show and read his blog here.

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