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Chew on This: Which Restaurant Recipes Should We Track Down?

Want to cook like the pros? Here’s your chance. Tell us a dish you really love from any Washington restaurant, and we’ll do our best to find the recipe. We’re starting a new feature called Recipe Sleuth where we’ll track down a reader-requested recipe each week (check out our first installment here). Remember that professional chefs have access to fancy equipment and years of experience under their toques, so you might need to practice making a dish a few times before it tastes like the one you had in the restaurant. Before you know it, though, your friends will be begging for a place at your table.  


Fire away: Which recipes should we hunt down? Let us know in the comments, or send an email to


Recipe Sleuth: Rabieng's Red-Curry Roast Pork

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  • Guest

    Deviled eggs with spicey pecans and sugar cured bacon

  • Mike Olliges

    Coastal Flats Calamari recipe please

  • Viviedahling

    I would also love the recipe for Ray's the Steaks Sherried Crab Bisque. I tried to get my server to tell me but she said she would lose her job if she told.

  • Stephanie

    Ray's the Steaks crab bisque. Please!

  • Guest!

    Any fish recipe from Coastal Flats!

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