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Chef Geoff’s Rolls Out a Bacon Bar Menu (Pictures)

Indulge your cured-pork obsession every Wednesday and Thursday at the local chainlet.

Among the items on the new Bacon Bar menu at Chef Geoff's: twice-baked potatoes with bacon, green onion, and Swiss cheese. Photograph by Dakota Fine.

Yet another clue that the bacon craze isn’t fading away: Chef Geoff Tracy of the Chef Geoff mini empire spent time scouting spaces in Georgetown for a bacon-themed restaurant.

“Then I was like, ‘Maybe this thing is a little too niche; maybe I’m going overboard,’” says Tracy, who’s prepping to open a Chef Geoff’s in Rockville this summer.

Instead he created Bacon Bar, a swine-centric menu offered every Wednesday and Thursday at his four eateries; menus vary slightly by location. While not as overboard as an entire bacon-centered eatery, there’s still plenty of excess involved.

Heartier fare includes chipotle-glazed pork belly with mini pupusas. Photograph by Dakota Fine.

You could, arteries willing, go from cocktails through dessert without halting the flow of pig parts—chocolate terrine with chocolate-covered bacon, anyone?

Chef Santos Fuentes preps a chocolate terrine with chocolate-covered bacon. Photograph by Dakota Fine.

On the flipside, you can opt for an appetizer like crab-stuffed, bacon-wrapped shrimp—one of the dishes concocted by executive chef Santos Fuentes—and then move on to a petite salad from the regular menu.

Bacon-wrapped shrimp stuffed with lump crab meat. Photograph by Dakota Fine.

Check out the full Bacon Bar menu to prepare for the porkfest.

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