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Does Baltimore Like Bacon More Than DC?

A new “study” ranks Charm City among the ten best cities for bacon lovers.

Does Baltimore do bacon better than DC? We doubt it. Image via Shutterstock.

As if Washington weren’t currently entertaining enough controversy, there’s the good ol’ DC versus Baltimore debate (you know, the one recently revived by this list). Now it looks like the real estate blog Movoto is weighing in on Charm City’s side. In a not-exactly-scientific study, the team ranked the 10 Best Cities for Bacon Lovers across the US, with Baltimore holding steady at number six. Sadly Washington didn’t even make the cut, even among honorable mentions such as Boston (which boasts Bacon Street, after all), and Charleston (the home of Jeremiah Bacon). 

So why is our northern neighbor considered superior for swine? Several measures were considered, including appearances on the Travel Channel’s The United States of Bacon, as well as bacon-centric festivals, dishes, and restaurants. Apparently Baltimore excels in all categories, including having two eateries featured on the show and being the home to the aptly named bacon-heavy restaurant Bad Decisions. Still, as a native Washingtonian, I have to take issue. What about the ample amounts of pork belly at the Pig, Green Pig Bistro, and Honey Pig? Where else could you take a bacon-latke shot, indulge in bacon happy hour, or feast on a peanut butter bacon burger followed by a peanut butter bacon pop tart? (Those last two would be Ted’s Bulletin.) Last time I checked, the pig-tastic Cochon555 competition didn’t even consider a Baltimore stop. Unlike the government, the state of swine is sound in our nation’s capitol. 

Leave your thoughts on the bacon controversy in the comments.

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  • maketeer

    DC at least deserves honorable mention. After all, we are the capital of pork. The Tea Party wants only lean pork (except for their own districts). Maybe Movoto is penalizing DC because testing for trichinosis has been shut down. In any case, they should send Congress a shipment of turkey bacon.

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