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Morning Sound Bite: Bickering Over Twitter with BGR’s Mark Bucher

When a DC customer criticizes BGR via tweet, the burgerman bites back.

Photograph by Stacy Zarin-Goldberg

“Easy to see why @bgrburgerjoint is empty. Blaring x-mas music and $15 for dinner is extreme, including $2.29 fountain soda.”

—Local tweeter @BrianKal documents last night’s visit to Mark Bucher’s BGR The Burger Joint.

Bucher’s rejoinder: “@BrianKal thx for the note. If you hurry mcdonalds [sic] has a dollar menu. I think you can get dinner for under 5.”

And later: “@BrianKal tx. Please don’t come back …”

For the full argument, scroll down the Bucher/BGR Twitter feed.

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