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Supermarkets and Grocery Stores Are Uncertain About Closure Times

If you need supplies—and can get them safely—your best bet is to go now.

Smucker Farms of Lancaster County anticipated an early Monday closure. Photograph by Erik Uecke.

Update: Whole Foods Market in Georgetown and on Arlington’s Wilson Boulevard are now closed. Whole Foods Market on P Street in Logan circle will close at 2 PM. The FRESHFARM farmers market in Crystal City will not take place Tuesday.

We called more than 25 grocery stores and supermarkets in Virgina, Maryland, and the District Monday morning to see how they anticipated Hurricane Sandy would affect their hours. If you need to get last-minute supplies, and can do so safely, the wisest thing to do is to head to a nearby shop as soon as possible. All of the neighborhood groceries—small outfits such as Brookville Market in Cleveland Park, Capitol Hill Supermarket, and Smucker Farms of Lancaster County—were open but anticipated an early closure. Customer service employees at each of the area Whole Foods and Safeways we reached also expected to close early. Tacoma Park Co-Op, where employees had planned to stay over night to receive deliveries, may have to close today as well, a staffer said this morning.

Calls to national public affairs offices at the big chains yielded little information about plans, and most employees reached at individual stores said they had not yet been informed of closing plans. The Target employees were the most certain they’d stay open—“the store isn’t floating yet,” joked one employee. Harris Teeter staffers also seemed pretty sure they’d stay open. Of course, all this information is subject to change. Stay safe—and we’ll update as soon as we can.

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