Smucker Farms to Sell Kushi Sushi; Beer and Wine Available Now

The 14th Street market expands with more local products and a liquor license.

By: Anna Spiegel

Most people know Smucker Farms as a go-to stop on 14th Street for fresh meats, dairy, produce, and foodstuffs from owner Eric Smucker’s home of Lancaster, Pennsylvania. The shop still specializes in Amish and artisanal producers, but has also expanded its inventory to include local Washington brands such as Gordy’s Pickles, Capital Kombucha, Soupergirl, and others. The next step: an impressive selection of wines and beers, and eventually quick-grab trays of sushi and sashimi from Kushi.

Stop in most any day of the week, and you’ll find a gratis wine-tasting underway in the back room, often accompanied by samples of Pennsylvania cheeses or local charcuterie. (Cured DC offers samples of duck prosciutto and salami this Saturday.) Smucker broadened his sourcing territory for vino, focusing on French varietals from Ansonia wines, a number of old-world producers from Italy, Spain, and Portugal, as well as a few California vineyards. There’s also a Pennsylvania representative: J. Maki Winery, an award-winning sustainable producer most known for exceptional sparkling wine. 

While the selection is fairly large, prices run moderate, with most bottles clocking in around $13 and few above $30. Beers are still on hold until as early as Friday or late as Monday, when refrigeration cases arrive; those will eventually be stocked with 40-some mid-Atlantic brews. The usual local suspects will be available (think Port City, DuClaw, DC Brau) as well as beers from craft breweries further north. Possibly the most interesting aspect for beer nerds: brews that aren’t distributed in the District, but that Smucker picks up in a truck and drives down to the store under DC’s loophole law that (legally) allows self-importing. Harder-to-find varieties include those from Roy Pitz Brewing Company, Saint Boniface Craft Brewing Company, and Allentown Brew Works, all out of Pennsylvania.

While you’ll currently find items like Lost Dog Cafe sandwiches and plenty of cook-at-home ingredients to pair with your booze, Smucker is teaming up with Kushi—the owners are also behind Black Whiskey down 14th Street—for a selection of quick-grab meals. While the menu isn’t finalized, look for sushi, sashimi, and rolls in the coming month.