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Snow Turns Dupont Circle Into Sculpture Garden (Photos)

A snow day unleashes DC residents’ creative talents.

Many snow. Amaze sculpture. Wow. Very scarf. Much photographs by Benjamin Freed.

Rather than hurl chunks of snow and ice at each other, the twee folks behind the Facebook-organized snowball fights in Dupont Circle whenever Washington gets hit with a snowstorm decided today’s fresh blanket was too wet and heavy for a volley. Instead, they told their would-be combatants to participate in a sculpture contest.

The resulting sculptures were actually satisfyingly creative. Some teams won prizes for their works, like Dave Steadman and Daphne Kiplinger, nearby residents who won a $50 gift certificate to Bar Dupont for “Snobama,” a snowman that looks not-at-all like the President (OK, maybe the ears), but was decked out with a campaign button, necktie, and miniature US flag. Steadman and Kiplinger had a long line of people waiting for a photo with their sculpture, including DC Council member Muriel Bowser, who was the only mayoral candidate to take up the organizers’ invitation.

Steadman asked some in his crowd if the snowstorm has a social-media friendly name. Someone mentioned that the Washington Post is promoting “Snochi” to play off the Winter Olympics. Someone else asked why snowstorms need names. But Steadman said his wife likes snow puns.

“Snobody doesn’t like a snow pun,” Kiplinger said, with not even a flake of irony.

Other sculptures that were still intact about 2 PM ranged from frosty replicas of Washington landmarks, creatively posed snowmen, and even some internet memes.

Dave Steadman and Daphne Kiplinger with “Snobama.”
Quite the hefty snowman, with Oreos for eyes, teeth, and buttons.

Somebody doesn’t want their shirt back.

The medal is from the Akron, Ohio Road Runner Marathon, but we’ll give it a 7.5 for Olympic spirit.

This seems more appropriate for an Adams Morgan snowman contest.

It snowed once. It was horrible.

There’s a metaphor for the legislative branch somewhere in here.

It’s the Washington Monument! What did you think?

See also: More photos of snow!

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