Monday Morning Quarterback: Redskins vs. Falcons

Sunday’s game brought out the best and worst in Washington fans.

By: Carol Ross Joynt

A lot happened at the Redskins game this weekend, and it brought out the best and worst in Washington fans. The best is represented in the outpouring of concern and well wishes for quarterback Robert Griffin III, who in the third quarter was hit hard by the Atlanta Falcons Sean Weatherspoon, resulting in what was described as a “mild” concussion. He did not return to the field. The worst was the risible frustration aimed at kicker Billy Cundiff after he missed a 31-yard field goal, adding to his three missed goals last week. There’s been no mercy for him on Twitter. Also, unfortunately, the 24-17 loss was the Redskins’ eighth straight home defeat.

The Griffin episode provides a notable look at how the new-era NFL handles head injuries, even when deemed mild. Any concussion symptoms mean the player cannot return to the game. At first the Redskins said Griffin appeared “shaken up” by the hit, but coach Mike Shanahan said he suspected a concussion when Griffin appeared disoriented, not knowing the quarter or the score. According to the Washington Post’s Mark Maske, the NFL plans to look into what the Redskins said about the injury and when. Griffin was examined by a neurologist at the stadium and then sent home, and will be given further, independent tests this week. If he gets an all-clear, he’ll play this Sunday against the Minnesota Vikings.

On Twitter, the thread of most RG3 comments was concern for his future well-being, with some fans even worried he could get killed. But he’s a tough cat in a tough game, and maybe needs a little old-time “hog” action on the offensive line. Still, it’s not always easy to protect a quarterback with Griffin’s speed and agility, and who doesn’t play a pocket game. For his part, he tweeted Sunday evening: “Thank you for all the prayers & support I’m okay and I think after all the testing I will play next week.”

Here’s a random selection of tweets about the game: