Design Scout: Danish Design

Scandinavian style pairs nicely with our Nonstop From Washington guide to Copenhagen.

By: Sarah Zlotnick

In honor of this month’s Nonstop From Washington guide to Copenhagen, we’ve set our style radar to Danish detection mode. Didn’t know Denmark is world-renowned for the sleek, minimalist look that defined ’60s mod? Consider this edition of Design Scout a crash course in the most important pieces.

Royal Copenhagen Fluted Mega Serveware
Every piece produced by Royal Copenhagen—officially Royal Porcelain Factory, founded in 1775 under Queen Juliane Marie—is still hand-painted and marked with an individual serial number. While the national brand is known for its dainty blue trim, we think the modern “Mega” look—which supersizes and off-centers the old style—works much better in 2010.

$110 to 160 at
Odense Poster
This delightfully graphic homage to Hans Christian Andersen’s Danish hometown and “Ugly Duckling” fable was originally painted by legendary artist Viggo Vagnby.

$35.65 at
Stelton Pitcher
Designer Erik Magnussen’s sleek, streamlined beverage canister speaks to every tenet of true Danish aesthetic. Though typically sold in a bevy of bright colors, we prefer this transparent version for showing off fun summer beverages.

$39.95 at

Copenhagen Salad Servers
George Jensen’s legendary silver can cost upward of $200 for a single set—yikes. Try starting off with a smaller purchase everyone can enjoy, such as these modern-minded serving tongs.

$95 at

The Yolk
A pint-size reproduction of Arne Jacobsen’s iconic egg chair for the little one in your life.

$585 at

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